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ODMJNI is the name for Java-ODMA Integration Kits.   ODMJNI provides a library of Java components for Java-based applications on the Microsoft Windows desktop.  The ODMJNI components allow Java applications to integrate with document-management systems via ODMA.  They also demonstrate reference implementations for adaptation to different application-integration cases. 

With ODMJNI, the fundamental operations of an ODMA-compliant DMS are available to the Java-based application in the same way as they are available to native Microsoft Windows (Win32) applications. 

The "JNI" in the name reflects the use of the Java Native Interface (JNI) for bridging to the Win32 level of the ODMA API.

1. Overview

ODMJNI 1.0, the initial integration kit, provides basic operations at the ODMA 1.0 level.  These operations are defined in Java interfaces of the info.odma.practical100 package.  This makes elementary use of ODMA available in Java applications at the same level employed by professional-quality Microsoft Windows desktop applications.

The interfaces for ODMJNI 1.0 take advantage of Java capabilities to simplify operation.  ODMJNI 1.0 provides a practical layer above ODMA so that the basic set of ODMA features is made available via Java-friendly interfaces and their methods.  The complexities of the ODMA API are completely hidden. 

ODMJNI 1.0 handles all details of the discovery of the ODMA Connection Manager and connection to a DMS for creation, access, and updating of DMS-managed documents.  Communication of text data between the application and ODMJNI is always in Unicode.  Translations to and from the code pages used at the ODMA API level are provided automatically.

In addition to being useful as a common library for adding ODMA awareness to Java-based desktop applications, ODMJNI software and documentation are licensed and available as open source.   ODMJNI is intended as a reference demonstration of Java-ODMA integration.  The source code can be used as a starting-point for customization to serve specialized application needs.

2. Availability

ODMJNI 1.0, the basic integration for practical use of ODMA from Java, is in the process of achieving Public Beta Release.  Details of that and further releases are maintained under the ODMdev ODMA Development Framework

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