ODMA Incident Report X000600

2000-06-22 Word 2000 + ODMA32 + SampleDMS

2000-06-21-04:50 Initial Report

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2000-06-21-10:14 Initial Acknowledgment
2000-06-22-21:42 Investigation Request

From: ODMA TECH LIST [mailto:ODMATECH@FTPLIST.AIIM.ORG]On Behalf Of Ramanathan S
Sent: Wednesday, 21 June 2000 04:50
Subject: ODMA 2.0 sample w/ MS Word 2000


I'm trying to run the ODMA sample program against MS Word 2000. I start MS Word, type in a few letters and press Save icon.

This brings up the Word dialog, "Select File As Type". I accept the default setting, and I press OK.

Then one of the following two things happen:

A junk file name gets displayed on title and Word says "File permission error".
A junk file name gets displayed on the title.

I open up the log file. I see calls ODMNewDoc followed by ODMSaveAs. It does not call ODMOpenDoc and continue further as stated in ODMA documentation.

Any help in this is greatly appreciated.



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