ODMA Incident Report X000500

2000-05-09 WordPerfect + ODMA32 + Windows 2000


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From: Clay Gibney [mailto:GIBNEY@woodsrogers.com]
Sent: Tuesday, 20 June 2000 05:32
To: infonuovo@email.com
Subject: RE: Windows 2000 compatibility

In re to the ODMA logging, I'll try again this week. I'll first try it on my Win98 PC to ensure I can get it working, and then I'll try it again on a Windows 2000 PC. I also heard from Fred Grossman (head programmer for Worldox) that they were unable to get the odma 2.0 test program to even work correctly under Windows 2000. I tried the same several weeks ago, and at first it seemed to work, but then later on I tried again and I couldn't get a File-open to respond, and neither would  File-save respond. I'll try this again too this week.

Also, in regard to WordPerfect 9 and file activity logging, I did use a WordPerfect 9 registry key to activate logging. WP8 and WP9 appear to have the same exact registry keys and so I assumed I could create the same keys for WP9 and it worked.

Clay Gibney

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