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ODMA 2.0 is the current, actively-supported level of the Open Document Management API specification.  AIIM DMware provides open-source documentation and software for ODMA 2.0.


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About ODMA 2.0

Colin O'Brien
1997 November 10

The first major revision of the ODMA specification was approved by unanimous vote in September 1997 and the new developer's kit was released during the AIIM show in May 1998. The revisions focus on these 4 groupings:

Richer Set of Document Attributes

ODMA 2.0 has expanded the number of pre-defined attributes and defined a mechanism for accessing all the attributes available in a DMS. In addition, there is support for identifying if a particular ODMA Document ID is for the current released version, and if not, what is that Document ID. This will allow automated processing, particularly for imported objects.

Document Management Functions

This covers a broad set of features such as recognizing when a document is on near- or off-line storage, and allowing programmatic control of check-out and check-in. It also recognizes advances in DMS and network distribution of documents, such as providing support for saving alternative renditions of document content, such as PDF and HTML.

Improved Integration between Applications and DMSs

This group focuses on a number of details internal to the software such as providing more configuration information through the Windows Registry.

Specification Clarification

This covers such needs as documenting common interpretations of the specification, adding additional error codes, and generally making ODMA more predictable to implement in the consistent manner required.

ODMA 2.0 also delivers support for the ODMA Internet proposal.

ODMA 2.0 Support Activities

Current activities focus on bringing ODMA under AIIM DMware while preserving and expanding the continuity of support available to the community of ODMA users and developers.

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