ODMA Incident Report

X020500: Sample DMS Lacks File System Over-Ride

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Category: Functionality - Defect Incident ID: X020500
Priority: 5 - Important Status: Under Investigation
Component: Odmasamp.dll and ODMASamp32.dll versions 2.0.0
Repaired in: tbd
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Assigned To: tbd
Reported By: 
Stefan Kiesow (2002-05-06)
Date Logged: 2002-06-06
Date Recorded: 2002-06-06
Date Closed: none


1. Incident Summary

2. If This Is Happening to You

3. Actions Toward Resolution


1. Incident Summary (2002-06-06):

The ODMA 2.0 Sample DMS does not offer the option to save documents in the file system instead of in the Sample DMS.

This limits the usability of the Sample DMS as a test fixture for operation of ODMA clients.

1.1 Resolution: None

1.2 Work Around: None

1.3 Configurations Confirmed: all

2. If This Is Happening to You (2001-06-06)

The ODMA Sample DMS is not intended to serve as an useful DMS on its own.

Be aware that the ODMA Sample DMS is not of production quality and is not intended to be a reference implementation of a fully-functional DMS.  It is designed to provide simple confirmation that an ODMA installation is properly configured and operational.  It has limited use in comparing operations of an ODMA-aware application with different DMS integrations as part of troubleshooting.   

There are functionality limitations in the Sample DMS that prevent full confirmation and exercise of ODMA-aware application capabilities.

3. Actions Toward Resolution (2001-06-06):

  1. Add a screen capture to demonstrate the missing functionality.
  2. Include a reference to the description for the error result in the specification and what the ODMA 2.0 specification says the desired behavior is.
  3. Add a FAQ on the Sample DMS, its installation, configuration, usage, and operation.  Also make clear the limitations of the sample DMS.

No further action is contemplated at this point.  This incident report will remain open indefinitely.


Stefan Kiesow
reported the defect as part of using the ODMA 2.0 SDK to become familiar with ODMA operation and integration.
Dennis Hamilton
reviewed the report and creating this incident report.

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