ODMA Incident Report

X020100: Improper ODMAtest Save / SaveAs

Last updated 2002-02-08-21:34 -0800 (pst)

Category: Functionality - Critical Incident ID: X020100
Priority: 7 - Serious Status: Identify Correction
Component: TestODMA.EXE and TestODMA32.EXE, version 2.0.0 Repaired in: none
Assigned To: Dennis Hamilton Reported By: 
Ralf Verstappen (2002-01-31)
Date Opened: 2002-02-06 Date Closed: none

Summary (2001-02-08):

The ODMA 2.0 Test Client, TestODMA, does not save documents correctly.  It saves the document being created or edited to the working disk file after requesting that the document file be saved by the DMS.  The copy that the DMS is given is not the latest copy that TestODMA has.

The consequences of this incorrect functionality will vary depending on the DMS integration that is being used:

Remedies (2002-02-08):  

  1. There is no workaround.
  2. The program TestODMA is not trustworthy for saving the correct document information to the DMS.
  3. The inspection of TestODMA code will be completed and an appropriate remedy proposed.
    • On initial inspection, the repair appears to be quite simple.
    • Duplicating the building of TestODMA may require far more effort than the repair itself.
    • There is no schedule for this effort at the moment.

Analysis (2002-02-06):

It has been confirmed experimentally, and by inspection of the source code, that when the user takes an action that involves a call to any of ODMSaveDoc, ODMSaveDocEx, or ODMSetAlternateContent, TestODMA fails to flush the edited document to disk until after the ODMA save operation is performed.

[Further details to be provided.]

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