ODMA Incident Report

X010100: Inappropriate Messages to Users

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Category: Functionality - Critical Incident ID: X010100
Priority: 8 - Important Status: Correction Pending
Component: ODMA32.dll 2.0.0 and Odma.dll 2.0.0
Repaired in: tbd
Related information:
X010101: WordPerfect SP4 Invalid Document IDs
P000902: ODMA Connection Manager Release 2.0.1
Assigned To: tbd Reported By: 
 Carolyn Kaukl (2001-01-18)
Date Opened: 2000-01-25 Date Closed: none

Summary (2001-01-29):

The ODMA 2.0.0 Connection Manager implementations, ODMA32.dll and Odma.dll, presents unwanted message windows under two conditions:

  1. INVDOCID: Invalid Document ID
  2. NODMS: Specified DMS is not registered with ODMA Keys

The messages that are produced are very plain in format:

Specified DMS is not registered with ODMA Keys

Figure 1.  ODMA Connection Manager Message (download BMP format)

If the user clicks "OK" the Connection Manager will then perform the correct operation, which is to silently report the appropriate error condition (e.g., ODM_E_DOCID) to the ODMA-aware application that originated the request.

These messages are inappropriate and unwanted for several reasons:

Although the messages have been seen under conditions where there is an error in the application, these messages are inappropriate because they can occur when there is no actual defect.  The messages are not required for, nor are they helpful for troubleshooting of, ODMA 2.0 operations.  The ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager Trace Log is more informative and useful for any necessary troubleshooting.

Actions (2001-01-29):

The following actions are proposed:

  1. Record the existence of of the problem and establish an incident report as notification and as documentation of the repair that is needed.  [2001-01-29: Completed]
  2. Include elimination of these messages in the development of the next maintenance and functionality release 2.0.1 of the ODMA 2.0 Connection Managers.  This development will be under ODMA Project P000902.
  3. Produce an updated, tested Connection Manager in which the repair is confirmed.  
  4. Announce the Connection Manager revision and have it be available for download.
  5. Close this incident report when (1-4) are complete and it is clear that proper operation of the updated Connection Managers is fully confirmed.

Investigation (2001-01-29):

The following steps were taken to confirm the claims made in this incident report:

  1. The ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager source code for ODMA32.dll 2.0.0 was inspected and the reported defect was located.
  2. Resource definition file odma.rc defines a string table for the two message texts.
  3. Resource definition header file Resource.h defines the identification of the two message-text resources, IDS_INVDOCID and IDS_NODMS
  4. File ConMan.h declares the prototype ErrorMessage function.
  5. File Client.cpp uses the ErrorMessage function in ODMClient::ConnectDocID.
  6. File Init.cpp defines ErrorMessage using the Microsoft Windows MessageBox function and a global MAXERRSTRING parameter (defined in ConMan.h) on the length of message texts.
  7. File Odmdms.cpp uses the ErrorMessage function in ODMDms::Init.

There are other uses of the Windows MessageBox function that are only employed when the Connection Manager is compiled with debugging enabled.  These cases are ignored since debugging versions are not distributed.  It is advisable to remove the conditional debugging material when the ODMA Connection Manager 2.0.1 edition is produced, instead relying on a single trouble-shooting model that is reliable for production integrations as well as testing of new code.


Carolyn Kaukl
provided the original report of incidents, and then provided the trouble-shooting requested to confirm this part of the original problem.  Carolyn provided follow-up demonstration that accepting the message box leads to correct ODMSTATUS return from the ODMA operation that provoked the message box.
Dennis Hamilton
reviewed the reports and logs, then confirmed the defects by inspection of the ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager 2.0.0 source code..

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