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X000800: ODMA Lacks Y2K Compliance

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Category: Reliability - Warning Incident ID: X000800
Priority: 3 - Non-Critical Status: Investigate and Confirm
Component: ODMA 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 Repaired in: none
Assigned To: open Reported By: 
Dennis Hamilton 2000-08-02
Date Opened: 2000-08-02 Date Closed: none


Year 2000 auditing and compliance activities have not been conducted for any ODMA 1.0, ODMA 1.5, and ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager and test-fixture components.

There are no known Y2K problems in ODMA software.  It is simply the case that Y2K compliance has not been explicitly demonstrated.

All of the ODMA Connection Managers and sample implementations now in service were compiled prior to May 9, 1998.  All software was built using compilers, libraries, and software utilities available before then.  Some of these tools and components were subsequently determined to lack Y2K compliance, if they were even audited.

This incident is given a low priority based on the absence of any problem reports related to Y2K non-compliance.  

This case arose while noticing that there are Borland C++ compiler packages currently being sold (versions before BC++ 5.0) for which Y2K certification is explicitly disclaimed on the package.  Y2K patches for BC++ 5.02 are dated after January 1, 1999.   Similar considerations apply to Microsoft development tools that were available and used for ODMA development in 1998 and earlier.


  1. Inspect the ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager source codes and library dependencies for potential Y2K and allied date-time defects.
  2. Report on the successful determination that these components are not vulnerable to Y2K and similar defects.
  3. If there is any exposure, determine an approach to replacing the vulnerable Connection Manager implementations with new compilations.
  4. Retire older compilations of samples gradually as part of normal support for ODMA development.  Audit the samples for proper handling of calendar and date-time information on an opportunistic basis.
  5. Retire any older connection managers which are subject to potential Y2K defects and for which we no longer have the means to reconstruct or repair them.

Please provide any relevant information and feedback to the ODMA Tech List or directly to the AIIM DMware Technical Coordinator.

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