ODMA Incident Report

X000700: Win16 Down-Level Interoperability Problems

Last updated 2000-09-13-1127 -0700 (pdt)

Category: Reliability - Warning Incident ID: X000700
Priority: 3 - Non-Critical Status: Investigate and Confirm
Component: Odma.dll, Odma.lib versions 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 Repaired in: none
Assigned To: open Reported By: 
Dennis Hamilton 2000-07-24
Date Opened: 2000-07-24 Date Closed: none


  1. In experimenting with down-level interoperability (FAQtip Q000703 here), a Win16 client (MultODMA from the ODMA 1.0 toolkit) compiled for ODMA 1.0 was found to not operate with the Win16 Connection Managers for ODMA 1.5 and ODMA 2.0.
  2. As part of the same experiment, it was confirmed that up-level Win16 clients can also fail badly when operated with a down-level Connection Manager.  The ODMA 2.0 Win16 client, ODMATest, fails badly when operated with Connection Managers earlier than ODMA 2.0.

The underlying causes have not been identified.  This is a warning that there may be interoperability problems between levels of Win16 ODMA-aware clients and different versions of the Win16 Connection Manager.  

There is much less difficulty with inter-level operation on Win32.  The experimental results obtained so far are documented in FAQtip Q000703, ODMA-Aware Application and ODMA Connection-Manager Version Compatibility.

This incident is given a low priority based on the fact that no problem reports have ever arisen as a result of this situation.  


  1. Developers, maintainers, and integrators of Win16 ODMA-aware applications are cautioned to be on alert for potential difficulties using Win16 Connection Manager implementations different than the one for which the ODMA-aware application was built.
  2. Experts in Win16 applications are requested to advise AIIM DMware of their own experience and understanding of Win16 .lib and .dll differences that account for this difficulty.
  3. We request that people who continue to support ODMA-aware Win16 applications conduct the FAQtip Q000703 experiment using that application.  There is supporting information on setting up such experiments in a companion note.
  4. Consider whether it is worthwhile to remove support for the Win16 Connection Manager beyond the current ODMA 2.0 version, not attempting any further upgrades or changes to support Win16 in future ODMA SDK releases.

Send information and feedback to the ODMA Tech List or directly to the AIIM DMware Technical Coordinator.

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