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X000600: Word 2000 + ODMA32 + SampleDMS

Last updated 2000-10-19-15:45 -0700 (pdt)

Category: Important - Integration Incident ID: X000600
Priority: 5 - Important Status: Closed
  1. ODMA 2.0 SDK (odma20.exe) 2.0.0
  2. ODMA32.dll, version 2.0.0
  3. ODMASamp32.DLL, version 2.0.0
Repaired in: n/a
Related information:
Q000001: Configuring Microsoft Office for ODMA

Downgraded from Fatal Error: Critical on 2000-08-22
Assigned To: Dennis Hamilton Reported By: 
Clay Gibney (2000-06-20)
S. Ramananthan (2000-06-21)
Date Opened: 2000-06-22 Date Closed: 2000-10-19

Summary (2000-10-19):

The ODMA Sample DMS can fail with Microsoft Word 2000, typically on Windows 2000.  The symptoms are an apparent selection or creation of a document with the DMS, followed by Word claiming an Invalid Filename and failing to open the document.

This is determined to be a case of Microsoft Office attempting to communicate with ODMA using Unicode strings.  The problem is resolved by configuring Microsoft Office to communicate with ODMA using ANSI strings.  See FAQ Q000001: Configuring Microsoft Office for ODMA.

Status (2000-10-19):

Document Resolution
1. Add this case to the conditions to watch for when integrating Office 2000.  Done in Q000001: Configuring Microsoft Office for ODMA (2000-10-19)
2. Obtain review by those who have reported this problem.  Obtain consensus on closing this particular incident.  (Provided by S. Ramananthan on 2000-06-28)
Split Out Other Failures
There is evidence of sporadic failures of ODMA integrations that may be unrelated to Microsoft Office integration.  These are being addressed as part of  incident report X000500 resolution.

Analysis (2000-08-22):

This was confirmed to be a failure to configure Microsoft Office 2000 for non-Unicode operation.  In the tested configuration, Word 2000 was failing rather than simply ignoring the presence of ODMA.

The hypothesized (2000-06-22) possibility that this condition could provide insight into a problem (X000500) with similar symptoms is now ruled out.

Original Problem (2000-08-22)

With the Sample DMS installed as the default DMS (as set up by installing the ODMA 2.0 SDK), the failure occurs as follows:

  1. Start Word 2000.  Type in a few letters in the initial unnamed document.
  2. Press the Word 2000 Save icon.
  3. When the Word "Select File As Type" dialog occurs, accept the default settings and click OK.
  4. A junk file name is then displayed in the title of the document.
  5. In addition, Word may report a "File Permission Error" some of the time.

Inspection of the ODMA32 log file reveals that

2000-10-19-15:28: Incident report is closed with availability of FAQ for repairing the MS Office configuration for ODMA.
Downgrade to Interoperability: Important and indicate nature of resolution to be documented.
Add ODMA 2.0 SDK 2.0.0 as the key component (orcmid)

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