ODMA Incident Report

X000500: WordPerfect + ODMA32 + Windows 2000

Last updated 2000-10-06-07:48 -0700 (pdt)

Category: Fatal Error - Critical Incident ID: X000500
Priority: 9 - Urgent Status: Develop Workarounds
Component: ODMA32.DLL, version 2.0.0 Repaired in: none
Assigned To: Dennis Hamilton Reported By: 
Tameko Mitchell (2000-05-09)
Michael Cheung (2000-05-12)
Drummond Wilson (2000-05-16)
Date Opened: 2000-05-09 Date Closed: none

Summary (2000-10-06):

Under a variety of conditions, Corel WordPerfect 2000 for Windows fails when attempting to create or access documents via ODMA.  The failure has been seen with GroupWise, Worldox,  iManage, and PC Docs (Docs Open).  This failure is observed solely in the interaction of WordPerfect for Windows and ODMA.  Other Win32 applications operate successfully with ODMA on Windows 2000..

On May 1, 2000 Novell updated its March 27, 2000 Technical Information Document (TID) 10050936, suggesting that the problem is an incompatibility between the current Win32 Connection Manager implementation (ODMA32.dll) and Microsoft Windows 2000.  At this time (2000-08-22), there is neither substantiating demonstration nor independent confirmation of that claim.

Efforts to isolate the root cause of these failures indicates that it is isolated to WordPerfect for Windows and that the operations requested via ODMA are carried out properly.  It is not ruled out that ODMA may be interacting with WordPerfect requests in some way that derails later WPWin operations.  There is nevertheless no evidence for involvement of the ODMA Connection Manager in these WPWin failures.  

In mid-September, Corel announced service pack SP4 for WordPerfect Office 2000.  Early reports from users suggest that the ODMA problems are cured by that service pack.  There remain further concerns that there are additional problems having the same or similar symptoms, but having different causes.  Analysis of ODMA operations is continuing, and we are moving to strengthen the ability to trouble-shoot situations of this kind.

Remedies (2000-10-06):  

  1. If you are using WordPerfect Office 2000 (WPWin version 9), obtain and apply the SP4 service pack.  Determine whether the corrections to ODMA operation in that release cure the difficulty you are experiencing.
  2. Contact Corel and determine whether there is new information on the cause of other versions of WordPerfect for Windows having failures with ODMA. Also, check other sources of trouble-shooting information, including WordPerfect Universe's Topic of the Month.
  3. Attempt one of the workarounds that at permit WordPerfect to be isolated from ODMA usage, so that ODMA-based document management operations remain available to other applications.

Analysis (2000-08-22):

Users have provided WordPerfect for Windows activity logs that reveal a common problem.

On the configurations that experience problems, a new DMS document is created and properly established in the DMS on successful ODMA requests from WPWin.  At that point, WPWin behaves as if the document creation failed, even though ODMA and the DMS reported successful operation to WPWin.  This leads to inappropriate requests to ODMA, which also succeed, but which cause WPWin to either

  1. report failure or
  2. retry setting up the initial document until the operator cancels the request

The existence of initial documents is confirmed in the DMS.

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