ODMA Incident Report

X000011: Trace Logging Failure

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Category: Fatal Error - Critical Incident ID: X000011
Priority: 9 - Urgent Status: Under Investigation
Component: ODMA 2.0 Connection Managers ODMA32.dll 2.0.0 and Odma.dll 2.0.0
Repaired in: tbd
Related information:
ODMA 2.0 Specification section 7, Connection Manager Trace Logging
Q000702: Interpreting Connection Manager Logs
Q000603: Latest ODMA Software
Assigned To: tbd
Reported By:
Steve Cartacki (1999-12-02)
Date Logged: 2000-08-11
Date Recorded: 2001-03-05
Date Closed: none


1. Incident Summary

2. If This Is Happening to You

3. Actions Toward Resolution

4. Investigation of Incident


1. Incident Summary (2001-03-05)

This incident covers two situations:

Why is this incident critical?

Difficulty in troubleshooting an ODMA configuration threatens the usability of ODMA and the confidence of users in being able to operate successfully via ODMA integrations.  Having the troubleshooting mechanisms be reliable and trustworthy is critical to ODMA operation.

2. If This Is Happening to You (2001-03-05)

This situation can be worked-around very easily:

  1. Ensure that the latest ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager is installed.
  2. When enabling logging by modification of the registy, also specify a specific file to be used for logging.  This file must be in a valid directory location that the user has permission to store data into.
  3. When running with logging enabled, only have one ODMA-aware application operating at once.  This avoids possible conflicts and confusion accessing the log file.

3. Actions Toward Resolution (2001-03-05)

The following actions are being taken to resolve this incident:

4. Investigation of Incident (2001-03-05):

The ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager's logging operations were reviewed to determine ways that it can fail:


Steve Cartacki
encountered and reported the original incident.
Dal Ghotra
provided a worked example of successful logging along with work-around suggestions.
Dennis Hamilton
reviewed old ODMA Tech mail for untracked incidents, logged this incident (2000-08-11) and then recorded the incident (2001-03-05) as part of having all backlog recorded.  Dennis provided the analysis and proposed resolution.

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