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This site provides information on all supported versions of ODMA, all known problems and corrections, and available support materials such as tips and responses to frequently-asked questions.   


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Current ODMA Level: ODMA 2.0

Support Status: 13 critical problems

ODMA Projects: 10 projects underway

ODMA-Related Activities

ODMA Support Approach

Earlier ODMA Materials

Current ODMA Level: ODMA 2.0

Support Status (as of 2001-06-14: This information is not current.)

Category         Status
Critical Problems 13 unresolved (as of 2010-08-29)
0 pending from backlog (since 2001-03-09)
Non-Critical Problems 13 unresolved (as of 2001-06-14)
20 pending from backlog (as of 2001-06-14)
Resolved Problems 2 (as of 2000-10-19)
Changes Requested  4 pending from backlog (since 2000-08-11)
Downloads Available all ODMA 2.0 Materials (as of 2000-09-11)
all ODMA 1.5 Materials (as of 2000-12-13)
all ODMA 1.0 Materials (as of 2001-01-17)
Frequently-Asked Questions catalog of topics and some responses
Specification Clarification Edition 2.0-3 review draft (2000-08-16)
Errata 2.0-1 review-draft pass 1 through ODMA 2.0 section 2.11 (2000-11-13)
ODMA Projects 10 projects underway (as of 2001-03-01)
10 projects pending initiation (as of 2001-03-01)

ODMA-Related Activities

Links to other activities related to ODMA, including support activities and external sources of ODMA-supporting software

The approach being followed for ODMA support is defined here.  It is consistent with the Year 2000 Statement of Work for ODMA Support.

Earlier ODMA Materials

see also:
Q001201: Versions to Develop For
Q000705: Changes Between ODMA Versions

Materials from previous releases are preserved for historical and reference purposes.  Even though there is no maintenance of earlier specifications and ODMA Connection Managers, earlier release continue to be applicable for development of ODMA clients and DMS integrations.

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