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The ODMA Interoperability Exchange Projects section has a construction zone for managing work items in support of this section:

The change history of this page is no longer maintained.  All further work items and notes about them are found at the Diary & Job Jar for this construction zone.

Change History

2004-11-18-13:26 Convert to Construction Zone
This change history is terminated and all further notes and diary entries will be in a separate page.
2002-06-04-15:09 Readjust for Independent ODMA.info Mirroring (orcmid)
The construction structure is modified to conform to nfoCentrale practice for independent mirroring of ODMA.info.
  1. This page is adjusted to fit in the nfoCentrale.net mirror model and adjusted for independent mirroring under ODMA.info.
  2. The index.htm page is updated.
  3. The default.htm page is updated.
  4. The p00-log.htm page is updated.
  5. All 7 Project pages are updated to conform to ODMA.info mirror style.
2001-10-14-19:36 Conform to DMware mirroring construction structure.
The construction log and related construction structures here are modified to conform to the current  model for DMware mirroring.
  1. The default.htm page is spiffed up and given a conforming title block.
  2. This page is also cleaned up. [2002-06-04]
2000-08-20-11:18 Update Project Log (orcmid)
1. Add more items to project log to make sure that known activities are identified somewhere.
2. Remove all relative links from the project log so that a downloaded copy will work properly from any location.  This policy is being extended to all other materials as routine updating occurs.
2000-08-18-10:45 Create ODMA Projects Section (orcmid)
The Projects section is created as a place to begin to report the projects that are already underway and create more visibility to their managed progress.
1. The section is added under ODMA.  The odma/faq pages construction.htm, default.htm, and index.htm are imported here and then modified to serve as the initial construction framework for the Projects section.
2. An initial project log is added to the section as a placeholder for project materials to be captured retroactively.

Construction Office (Hard Hat Area)

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