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 P000902: ODMA Connection Manager Release 2.0.1

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Type: ODMA Software Project ID: P000902
Style: Ad hoc Status: Initial Definition
Provide Release 2.0.1 of the Connection Managers: remedy all defects, remove all reliability concerns, and deliver complete, functionality in accordance with the ODMA 2.0 Specification and its errata. 
1. Have complete accountability and auditability for what is changed, what problems are resolved, and how the accuracy of the release was confirmed and can be demonstrated.
2. ODMA usage and experience is not destabilized in any way for any users,  applications or DMS integrations.
3. The distribution and packaging makes substitution of the new release effortless and appealing.
4. ODMA 2.0.1 is easily and completely removed, with the preceding version restored automatically.
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Assigned To: Dennis Hamilton Defined By: 
Dennis Hamilton (2000-09-27)
Date Opened: 2000-09-20 Date Completed: none

Summary (2000-09-29):

[tbd - See Objective for now.]

Requirements (2000-09-29):

This is going to be a fairly large project for DMware.  The requirements will cover

Activities (2000-09-29):

To be defined further.  

The related information, the objective, and the requirements sketch are suggestive of the activities to be performed.

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