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P000901: Tombstone Obsolete ODMA as DMware Comes On-Line

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The latest version of this information is available on the AIIM DMware ODMA site.

Type: ODMA Site Development Project ID: P000901
Style: Ad hoc Status: Underway
Users of On-Line ODMA Materials are led smoothly to their replacements on DMware.
1. With DMware replacements available, tombstones are placed to guide users to the new sources.
2. Obsolete and stale ODMA material is supplanted by consistent, current information.
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P000400: Establish AIIM DMware ODMA Site
P000804: Create On-Line Forms for Data Collection
Statement of Work 2000: Organize Existing Materials
Assigned To: Dennis Hamilton Defined By: 
Dennis Hamilton (2000-09-14)
Date Opened: 2000-09-14 Date Completed: none

Summary (2000-09-14):

[tbd - get placeholder in place that provides a bit more on what the project is, then come back and put in more accountability on what is happening.  The Statement of Work 2000 provides the basic idea, in the meantime.  We really are executing against that.]

Requirements (2000-09-14):


Activities (2000-09-15):

Replicate ActiveDoc Material
Replicate AIIM ODMA Material
Manage Project

Replicate ActiveDoc Material
By When Activity Status Who?
2000-09-18 Promote ActiveDoc Material in DMware ODMA Home Pages D. Hamilton
2000-09-18 Replace ActiveDoc Material with Tombstones C. O'Brien

Load Material onto DMware and Review 2001-02-16: 13 of 15 items ready D. Hamilton
2000-09-15 Inventory Archived ActiveDoc Material (here)

Complete 2000-09-14

D. Hamilton


Replicate AIIM ODMA Material
By When Activity Status Who?
2000-09-22 Arrange changes to AIIM Standards pages to bridge to DMware Development materials B. Fanning
2000-09-21 Propose replacements to AIIM Standards pages to account for replication and updating on DMware D. Hamilton
2000-09-20 Expand DMware Pages to Promote ODMA as Fully as AIIM site does D. Hamilton
2000-09-19 Load Material onto DMware and Review D. Hamilton
2000-09-19 Inventory AIIM Site and Archived AIIM ODMA Material 2000-09-26: Deferred until ActiveDoc transfer complete D. Hamilton


Manage Project
By When Activity Status Who?
2000-09-25 Review for Successful Completion D. Hamilton
Update Project Definition 2001-02-16: Status updated; definition not touched yet D. Hamilton
2000-09-15 Obtain Review of Project Definition complete 2000-09-15 D. Hamilton
2000-09-14 Define Immediate Project Activities complete 2000-09-14 D. Hamilton

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