ODMA Project

P000400: Establish AIIM DMware ODMA Site

Last updated 2002-06-04-15:36 -0700 (pdt)
The latest version of this information is available on the AIIM DMware ODMA site.

Type: ODMA Site Development Project ID: P000400
Style: Ad hoc Status: Underway
Existing ODMA materials are organized for access and utilization under open-source license agreements.
1. Current materials are available on-line.
2. ODMA historical materials are archived and available on-line.
3. Materials are updated for open-source licensing.
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Statement of Work 2000: Organize Existing Materials
Assigned To: Dennis Hamilton Defined By: 
Dennis Hamilton (2000-04-06)
Date Opened: 2000-04-06 Date Completed: none

Summary (2000-09-14):

[tbd - get placeholder in place that provides a bit more on what the project is, then come back and put in more accountability on what is happening.  The Statement of Work 2000 provides the basic idea, in the meantime.  We really are executing against that.]

Requirements (2000-09-14):


Activities (2000-09-14):


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