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A running job jar of ideas and notes on the creation of FAQtips for ODMA.




  2005-07-11 I am not being clear with the status of projects in the catalog.  Also, some projects revert to a level of routine, rather than being closed.  Or they can be thought of as closed but re-openable rather than giving rise to entirely new projects.  I need more-complicated color-coding for these cases.  And a note on what the game is. 
  2005-05-14 Review all of the tasks and figure out what to mark complete, update versions as appropriate, etc.
  2005-05-14 The template should include inputs, outputs, and conditions of satisfactions.  It should have standard headings and parts for initiation and completion, and maybe other routine pieces of a task lifecycle.
  2005-05-14 I want a FrontPage template for making these kinds of pages before I get invested in making any more.  This looks like something to work out and bring over from TROSTing.
  2005-04-07 Go back and clean up the risk mitigation experiment project folios before the ODMref Engagement happens.
  2004-12-01 Review the refreshes/completions on old projects to make sure they contain no relative links outside the bounds of ODMA.info.
  2004-11-30 Create some P-notes on the ad hoc project forms and approach.
  2004-11-30 Formalize the color coding on project work-item tables and in the projects catalog.
  2004-11-30 Convert the remaining projects on the Project Catalog to have their own job jars and find ways to stabilize those projects individually.
  2002-12-06 P021200 Functionality: ActiveODMA - ActiveX DMS Integrations [dh:2004-11-30 This is about creating a DMS via ActiveX.  The biggest problem is creating fully-standard COM interfaces for ODMA DMS functionality and being able to accomplish that with Automation interfaces that can be built by all current VisualStudio and .net tools.  The prospect of creating COM bindings from .NET implementations is also a consideration.]
  2001-06-30 P010601 Functionality: Provide ODMA-WebDAV Gateway DMS Integration [dh:2004-11-30 The idea was to create an ODMA interface that allows for access to WebDAV and handles managed-document requirements.  It looks like this would be better with a Windows Explorer shell extension, or the extension might permit dual use.]
  2001-02-23 P010202 ODMA Support: Stabilize Site Support
  2001-02-23 P010201 ODMA Support: Bring ODMA FAQ Current

P000900 ODMA Connection Manager: Audit Connection-Manager Connection/Object Lifecycle


P000807 ODMA: Expand ODMA Troubleshooting Tool Set


P000806: Add Simple DMware licenses to all packages


P000805 ODMA Site Development: Establish mutual security, privacy, and opt-in policies


P000803 ODMA Software: Create SourceForge source tree for ODMA software development 


P000802 ODMA Site Development: Normalize images on sites for faster loading and viewing


P000801 ODMA Site Development: Make Single-Maintenance Mirroring of dmware.org/odma [dh:2004-11-30 This will now be ODMA.info anchored on nfoCentrale and separate from DMware.info.]


P000800 ODMA problems and FAQ: Capture all ODMA questions and problem reports as FAQ and incidents.


P000702 ODMA Header Files Odma.h and Odmacom.h: ODMA Library Release 2.0.1: Prepare Fully-Cross-Referenced header files in HTML and Release 2.0.1 versions correcting all known errors.


P000701 ODMA 2.0 Specification: ODMA 2.0 Specification Errata cross-referenced to New HTML Specification


P000700 ODMA 2.0 Libraries: ODMA 2.0 Library Files with All Information Needed by Developers for Usage


P000600 ODMA 2.0 Specification: Fully-Cross-Referenced HTML Edition of ODMA 2.0 Specification 


P000500 ODMA Connection Manager: Trouble-Shoot and Analyze Connection Manager [dh:2004-11-30 This was viewed as in progress.]

done 2006-10-26 Rearrange the completed elements at the bottom, in progressive chronology of completion.
done 2005-07-05 Create P050702 for scoping of the ODMdev bootspiral.  This is part of the ODMref project envisioning.
2005-05-13 Correct the link to P050407 to locate the correct folio and not P050406
done 2004-12-01 Update the default page to provide a cleaner view of the current state and also emphasize the attention that is moving to ActiveODMA.
2004-11-29 Create the ODMRef 1.0 Projects here where organization and actionables can show up.  [dh 2004-12-01: The materials go under the ActiveODMA /ODMref1.0 folder to avoid clutter here and provide everything needed there.]
done 2004-11-30 Unclutter the Catalog by removing the extraneous items back to this job jar and getting them out of the catalog.
2004-11-20 Use the FAQtip Catalog as a guide for the useful formatting of entries in the Projects Catalog.  Make all small fonts, no small caps in entries, and 10, 20, 15, 15, and 40% on the column widths.
2004-11-18 Hook P041101 into the Project Catalog
done 2004-11-18 Create a project here around the refreshing of the site and the project section.  Borrow the DMware License-creation project as a good model.  This will start with P041101.
done 2004-11-18 Indicate that the Project Catalog is stale and will be revitalized later this month
done 2004-11-18 Convert P00-log to P000001-log, and prepare to do a major project space overhaul.
done 2004-11-18 Add this Diary & Job Jar for the further work on organizing and completing the Projects section
0.00 2004-11-18-14:00 Initiation of Diary & Notes
This Projects Diary & Job Jar is created to provide local work items in the management of the Project notes and their organization, distinct from the overall construction of the project section.

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