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P050601 ODMA Project
 Develop FAQtip Bootstrap


0.05 2006-01-20 -15:06 -0800

Type: Mini-Project Project ID: P050601
Style: Abbreviated Status: Underway
Provide a page set that is easily copied and customized as part of the initiation of new FAQtips. 
  1. Have a standardized style, based on the TROSTing counterpart, that supports the ODMA Refresh and ODMref 1.0 activities on the web site.
Related Information/Projects:
Q000006: FAQtip Bootstrap Template
Conditions of Satisfaction:
1. Template complete for creating provisional folios.
2. Template-embedded customization instructions cover the essential steps.
3. Q000006 0.10 captured as the stable base.
Develop TROST InfoNote Bootstrap [0.10 material]
1. Customized Q000006 0.10 template for application
2. Project folio providing a progressive account and preservation of the sequence of stable versions (this P050601)
Assigned To: Dennis E. Hamilton Defined By: Dennis Hamilton (2005-06-28)
Date Initiated: 2005-06-27 Date Completed: tbd

1. Approach (2005-06-28)

2. Activities (2005-07-10)

0.05 2005-07-10-13:57 Reflect Achievement of Intermediate Status
The collection of 0.10 material will complete this phase of the project and allow it to be placed in "Routine Review" state.
0.00 2005-06-28-20:37 Create  bootstrap placeholder for further customization
Create the placeholder by minimum modification of TROST P050601: Develop InfoNote Bootstrap pages.  Incorporate job jar and use it to drive the completion of essential items here, providing an initial skeleton for more content.

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