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Project P041102 ODMA Support
Operations Risk Management


0.15 2006-01-20 -15:07 -0800

Type: System Development Life Cycle Project ID: P041102
Style: Organized Status: managing preliminary top 10
Provide management of risks against sustained continuity and preservation of all ODMA materials and support:
1. Analyze risks to interruption or loss of ODMA materials and support, focusing on the top risks.
2. Create a structure for review and mitigation of risks, with periodic reassessments.
3. Initiate activities for the ad hoc mitigation of the top risks already identified.
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P041102B: Risk Management Provisional Approach


Assigned To: Dennis E. Hamilton Defined By: Dennis Hamilton (2004-11-30)
Date Opened: 2004-11-30 Date Completed: tbd
  1. Requirements
  2. Constraints
  3. Activities

1. Requirements (2004-11-30):

2. Constraints (2004-11-30):

3. Activities (2004-12-01)

0.15 2004-12-01-12:56 Connect Provisional Approach Material
A provisional page is provided to identify the top 5 and link to the Microsoft Word and Excel documents that introduced the provisional approach.  There is little explanatory material at this point.
0.10 2004-11-30 create basic subproject with Diary & Job Jar
The project form is customized and described enough to know where we are going.
0.00 2004-11-18 create  placeholder to morph into the necessary material
Incorporate job jar and use it to drive the completion of essential items here.

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