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2006-01-20 -15:07 -0800

A running diary and job jar for creation of the ODMA Support Refresh project




done 2004-12-01 Add focus to the objectives
  2004-12-01 There must be the following sections:
1. Introduction/Overview
2. Requirements
3. Process
4. Integration (because of SCM)
5. Scope [maybe]
6. Time [probably]
7. Cost [maybe]
8. Quality
9. Team Development
10. Communications
11. Risk
12. Procurement [maybe]
and there is reason to consider security and privacy also, as operational concerns.
  2004-11-30 Build the standard PMBOK-based outline but for an ongoing operational activity with some project work at the beginning (the refresh phase).
  2004-11-30 Add Configuration Management to the ODMA Support Refresh (under Integration)
  2004-11-30 Take the risk mitigation steps and make them actionable.
2004-11-18 Use the customized MSF Excel Risk Analysis template for setting up the structures and preserve that too.
2004-11-18 Store Risk Management as a word document until it can be recreated in HTML with supporting precursor documents
  2004-11-18 Tie to the Microsoft Operations Framework as well as the Microsoft Solutions Framework [dh:2004-11-30 and PMBOK knowledge areas and process groups]
2004-11-18 Bring Risk Management over first as P041102B.  This deserves its own structure because it will be revised and managed over time, and we'll make a placeholder for now.  [dh: 2004-11-20 There will be a full topic, P041102 for Risk Management.  The additional stages will show up in the components, and the work items for Risk Management have a place to be locally observed and acted upon.]
done 2004-11-18 Create this page with the Lab Notebook style

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