AIIM DMware ODMA Interoperability Exchange


Construction Log

Hard Hat Area

The images directory is defined as part of typical web structure also used by FrontPage extensions for this site.  For, this directory is preserved as part of standard site structure for independent mirroring.  The directory is used to carry images that are used at the AIIM DMware ODMA site level.  The directory has a construction-oriented index.htm page and shares the common construction organization of sites.

Change History

2002-05-21-12:34 Add images from to avoid external resources (orcmid)
There are two images used in the ODMA section that were linked from the /images directory.  The images are brought to this directory so they can be accessed by relative links without reaching beyond  This preserves the ability to mirror DMware and ODMA independently.
   1. The DMware-logo is copied here.
   2. The hard-hat-logo (reduced image) is copied here.
   3. The original, larger image is removed from here.  It remains for use at the top level only.
2000-07-10-15:05 Create ODMA images subdirectory (orcmid)
1. This subdirectory is created so those images that pertain specifically to ODMA are included locally and also included in any mirror of the material.  
2. The initial images are those required to support the development of the basic site structure.  A fair amount of fussing went into creating a Hard Hat logo that scaled and presented itself nicely on all of the construction pages and parts of the site generally under construction, such as the home page.
3. The ODMA image file was imported with a transparent background.  The image is 1362 by 976 pixels, and it is ordinarily scaled to 136 by 97 for use in title areas of these web pages.

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