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Q050202 ODMA tbd 2005-02-01 What Is the Active ODMA Discussion List?
Q050201 ODMA tbd 2005-02-01 How Do I Get My Questions Answered about ODMA?
Q041102 ODMA Integration tbd 2004-11-17 Is There a Reference ODMA Implementation?
Q041101 ODMA tbd 2004-11-17 What Is the Relationship of ODMA & WebDAV?
Q010305 ODMA-Compliant Product tbd 2001-03-30 Document Workbench
Q010304 ODMA-Compliant Product Vendor tbd 2001-03-30 Software System Integrator Pte Ltd
Q010303 ODMA-Compliant Product tbd 2001-03-30 M.A.X.I.M.
Q010302 ODMA-Compliant Product Vendor tbd 2001-03-29 Creativ'System
Q010301 ODMA Integration tbd 2001-03-06 Using ODMASAMP
Q010102 ODMA-Complaint DMS tbd 2001-01-13 How Do I Register a DMS Implementation?
Q010101 ODMA-Compliant DMS tbd 2001-01-13 How Do I Obtain a DMS ID?
Q010100 ODMA-Compliant DMS tbd 2001-01-13 What DMS IDs are Used?
Q001200 ODMA tbd 2000-12-11 Document-Management Resources
Q001103 ODMA-Aware Applications tbd 2000-11-22 Manipulating Documents Using ODMA
Q001102 ODMA-Aware Applications tbd 2000-11-15 Creating User-Defined Properties
Q001101 ODMA Development tbd 2000-11-03 Maintaining ODMA 1.0 Interoperability
Q001100 ODMA-Aware Applications tbd 2000-11-03 Configuring ODMA for Applications
Q000802 Troubleshooting tbd 2000-08-30 Isolating misbehaving components
Q000800 ODMA Support tbd 2000-08-23 Who Is Responsible for ODMA-related Problem Identification and Repairs?
Q000707 ODMA tbd 2000-07-11

The History of ODMA

Q000704 ODMA Interoperability tbd 2000-07-24 ODMA-Compliant DMS Integration Compatibility with Connection-Manager Versions
Q000701 ODMA tbd 2000-07-12 What is the Notation Used for Presenting Interfaces and the API:  Odma.h? lpszDocId[]? ODMNewDoc? ODM_SUCCESS?
Q000700 ODMA tbd 2000-07-12 What Are Version Numbers: 2.0.0? 2.0-3? 2.0.0-1?
Q000610 ODMA Development tbd 2000-06-21 How Do I Install and Use the ODMA SDK?
Q000609 ODMA Integration tbd 2000-06-09 Distributing and Installing ODMA Connection Managers
Q000608 ODMA tbd 2000-06-27 What Document Security is Available Under ODMA?
Q000607 ODMA tbd 2000-07-12 Using the Windows Registry
Q000606 Microsoft Word tbd 2000-07-11 Troubleshooting Microsoft Word ODMA Integrations
Q000602 Microsoft Office



Where Is Support Information for Microsoft Office?
Q000502 ODMA Usage tbd 2000-05-30 What alterations does ODMA make to documents?
Q000501 ODMA Usage tbd 2000-05-09 What licenses and fees are required to use ODMA?
Q000301 ODMA Integration tbd 2000-03-30 What are the Registry Keys Used in ODMA Integration?
Q000300 ODMA Usage, Integration tbd 2000-03-22 What Is Needed to Ensure that ODMA Is Usable for Document-Management Operations?
Q000200 ODMGetLeadMoniker Usage tbd 2000-02-28 How Is ODMGetLeadMoniker Used and Who Supports It?
Q000100 ODMA Usage tbd 2000-01-27 What is the Java support for ODMA?
Q991201 ODMA Usage tbd 1999-12-03 How Can I Prevent my application opening DMS Dialog boxes?
Q990101 ODMA Usage tbd 1999-01-13 How can I test and confirm components with ODMA?
Q981101 ODMA Usage tbd 1998-11-18 What can I use to call ODMA COM Interfaces from Visual Basic?
Q981002 ODMA Usage, Workflow tbd 1998-10-30 How does ODMA let me launch applications from a DMS and know when the work is complete?
Q981001 Integration tbd 1998-10-21 How can I save to a DMS from Microsoft Word using formats other than the default *.doc format?
Q980901 ODMA Specification, Odma.h tbd 1998-09-08 What are the ODMA Result Code Values for Checking from Visual Basic?
Q980801 Integration tbd 1998-08-06 How can ODMA be supported on Unix?
Q980702 ODMA tbd 1998-07-28 Is there an ODMA Programmer's Guide?
Q980701 ODMA Specification, ODMNewDoc tbd 1998-07-17 How can I make an ODMA Document when I have an existing document?
Q980604 ODMA Specification, ODMSaveAs, ODMSave tbd 1998-06-25 When should Check-In Dialogs appear from the DMS?
Q980603 ODMActivate Function tbd 1998-06-25 What is supposed to happen with ODMActivate action ODM_NONE?
Q980602 ODMA tbd 1998-06-19 What is DMS Vendor Support for APIs and What is the ODMA Gap?
Q980601 ODMA tbd 1998-06-16 What is the Performance Impact of ODMA?
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