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The ODMA Interoperability Exchange FAQ section has a construction zone for managing work items in support of this section:

The change history of this page is no longer maintained.  All further work items and notes about them are found at the Diary & Job Jar for this construction zone.

Change History

2004-11-18-11:40 Switch to Construction Zone approach
A separate Diary & Job Jar page is established for use as further history, and this change history is no longer continued.  
2000-07-26-14:19 Cleanup for Update of ODMA Site (orcmid)
1. The ODMA-Compliant Product information-submission form is updated to provide an alternative action while the form is still not working properly.
2. The ODMAdone page that acknowledges submissions is also tweaked and repaired to have clean linkage to the rest of the site.
3. The ODMA DMS Implementations page is updated so the ODMA icon carries a hyperlink to the site.
4. The ODMA Applications page is updated so that its ODMA icon also links to the site.
5. This construction page is updated to use the ODMA icon and link to the ODMA site.
6. FAQtip Q000703 is introduced for standalone use and uploading to the site immediately so that people can begin to review its information.
2000-07-11-08:02 Expand Structure for FAQtips, including list of desired FAQ (orcmid)
1. Created Q00-next page as the job jar of FAQtips that are desired or pending. [tombstoned on 2002-11-22]
2. The FAQtip description page is made presentable enough to publish as a skeleton of material to come.
3. The FAQ home page is updated to link to the limited material that is presently available.
2000-07-10-16:48 Add ODMA-Compliant Products Registry (orcmid)
1. I added the ODMA-Aware Applications Registry, based on Colin O'Brien's inventory.
2. I added the ODMA-Compliant DMS Integration Registry, based on Colin O'Brien's inventory.
3. I added the ODMA-Compliant Product Submission Form based on Colin O'Brien's form, with removal of information that is not about the ODMA integration.  I corrected a date entry (requesting mm/yyyy, not mm/19yy), and added a test warning.
4. I added an ODMAprod.htm starter document in _private.  The form data will be placed here on the server, one form after another appended to the HTML file.  A version of the form is here in the FAQ section for use in refreshing things.  I found that VSS can't work with _private because PWS 4.0 won't show it using the Microsoft Management Console.
5. I added the ODMAdone.htm page for usage when a form submission is completed.  
6. I added enough to the FAQ home page so that the forms can be reviewed and tested.
2000-06-24-13:16 Provide FAQtip Log (orcmid)
The Q00-log page is created by importing the ODMA Support X00-log page and adjusting the format to be suitable for FAQtips.
2000-06-24-12:55 Cleanup the New Materials (orcmid)
1. Removed junk from the earlier version that leaked into my creation note here.
2. Decided that the use of construction history information (at the bottom of pages) for links to the change history was brilliant and made that change to all files.  This accommodates for FrontPage 2000 changing the last-updated date field on files that are silently modified as part of rubber-banding links to targets that have been touched or renamed.  
3. The same practice is extended to the draft FAQtip Q000600.  The last-updated timestamp is now manually updated, as is the entry that is reference for background.  The only automated date is the one provided by Visual Source Safe, in the construction history block at the bottom of the page, and this is in an already-inscrutable and unobtrusive place.
2000-06-24-11:15 Customize Materials for the New Location (orcmid)
1. This Change history is adjusted for its new location and context, pruned down to dealing with just the ODMA FAQ section history.
2. FAQtip Q000600 is tidied up just enough to work in this location and not be any further improved with respect to content.
3. The index page is modified to work in this location as part of the construction structure.
2000-06-23-19:27 Import Supporting Construction materials (orcmid)
To provide a clean path down to the material here, the support default.htm, default.htm, and construction.htm pages are imported here from the VServers mirror, and edited for use here.  
2000-06-23-19:01 Create separate FAQtip section (orcmid)
In responding to a request to allow links to some of the FAQtip material, I decided that it was a good time to move these items into their own section where management will be easier separate from the incident-report material here.
1. The faq section is created.
2. The draft of FAQtip Q000600 is moved to that section immediately so the URL can be confirmed.  There is minor cleanup of the file for operation in this new location.
3. I post this much to the VServer site so there is a target for the first FAQtip URL.
4. The presence of this material in the support section is cleaned up and accounted for.
2000-06-21-17:00 Refine WordPerfect Trouble-Shooting Information (orcmid)
1. I name Q000600 a FAQtip, and begin the FAQtip page.  The FAQtips are identified just like incident reports, but with prefix Q instead of X.
2000-06-19-15:45 Begin Draft of WordPerfect Trouble-Shooting Information (orcmid)
To continue investigation of problem X000500 and any similar ones that arise, new material is added so that people can create and interpret logs on WordPerfect use of ODMA. 
1. Q000600 is created for general WordPerfect-ODMA Troubleshooting.  Links to deja.com are verified.
2. The structure for WordPerfect Trouble-Shooting is completed, but some details require more work.  As part of researching the material, I generate two workaround ideas and see the need to start collecting separate related tips, such as helping people to make sure they have the latest version.
3. The odma32.dll is added to the ODMA download page in anticipation of reference from needed tips.
4. 2000-06-23: This material is moved to a new, separate FAQ section so it can be organized without the distraction of other people.  The URL is stable indefinitely.

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