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  2007-07-28 FrontPage is case-insensitive about fragments, and renaming does not fix fragment IDs.  So will use the fragment IDs that we already had, and only fix them for new files.  This is still going to be a mess.
  2007-07-28 Whichever way we resolve the q/Q business, we need to put up a FAQ on what happened and how to fix broken links.  That one can't go through the broken link problem unless we use a redirect to fix it.
  2007-07-28 MIGRATING "Q" TO "q": We have mixed "q" and "Q" everywhere.  We need to decide which is the one to use.  [dh:2007-07-28 Whatever I think about this, the only safe solution is "q" because of all the ways that FrontPage will go to lower-case automatically.  This is the only way to be consistent moving ahead, even if we end up in Expression Web or some other content-creation tool later on.]
  2007-07-27 There's a lot of link breakage here.  We need to figure out how to handle some of that.  For example, Q000001-log should probably have a redirect.
  2007-07-28 Review month level to replace all mentions of TROSTing.org and also make all <code> elements into <font face="monospace"> elements.
  2007-07-27 odmameto: Put up warning that the form is not working and that it will be handled as part of the repaving operation.  Add comment about what to do instead.
  2005-02-02 Post what we have to the site, then finish up the "Getting Your Questions Answered" and related items.
  2004-11-18 Revise the faqtip.htm page and tie into the Q000000 and other FAQtip infrastructure materials.  Could be a project tie-in too.
  2004-11-18 Reflect need to change posting location for forms and create that as a project here.
  2004-11-18 Make new ODMAdmss page and include it under a Q-number.
  2004-11-18 Make new ODMAapps page and include it under a Q-number.
  2004-11-18 Review the construction.htm Change Log for adjustments that should be made and actions to bring into existence here.
  2004-11-18 Figure out a better way to do the index, and reorganize the FAQ a little
done 2007-07-28 Delete the faq section of the hosted-site image and in the hosted site before updating with the current changes.  This will be necessary at other times during repaving in order to flush out files that have incorrect case-sensitive names and for which links have changed.
done 2007-07-28 q000001-log.htm: We must immediately delete q000001.htm, rename q000001-log, and put a tombstone in place of Q000001-log.htm.  The renaming should clean up a lot of case sensitivity, if we are really, really lucky.
2007-07-27 Add a 2007/07 folder for the materials to be added as part of describing "What Is ODMJNI?" and its availability.
2004-11-18 Declare a refresh of the entire FAQ structure
2005-06-27 Then come back and customize the rest of Q000006.
done 2005-06-28 Remove the tallies from the FAQtip default page and the Support page. We don't have a good census any more.
done 2005-06-28 Move Copy the 2000/01 subfolder to 2001/01 and correct the index.htm for that location.  Also correct the one in 2000/01[dh:2005-06-28 Unnecessary!  But might as well leave them both since there are Q0101xx FAQtips in the backlog too.]
2005-06-27 There needs to be a project for making the FAQ Bootstrap Template.  We can clone P050601 for that.
2005-06-27 Create ODMA /faq/2000/01 and use the template to make Q000101 "ODMA Compliance" [dh:2005-06-28 It is faq/2001/01 - do it there.  Oops.  That's not true.  Q000101 is in 2000, dunce!]
done 2005-06-27 Customize enough to provide for Qyymmx FAQtips instead of InfoNotes: faq/templates/index.htm, faq/tempaltes/00/index.htm, i000006 to Q000006 (with just enough Q000006 and Q000006a to use).
done 2005-06-27 Create an ODMA /faq/templates/00/ subtree and populate initially from TROSTing /info/templates/00/
2004-11-19 Give Q000001A.htm as a Diary & Job Jar for the catalog itself (a brand new thing), then use it to discuss the rearranging of the catalog, adoption of more-current number schemes, etc.  [dh:2005-02-06 I don't need that. This is what Q000000 is for.]
2005-02-02 Do a FrontPage Tools/RecalculateHyperlinks and then fix up all of the tombstones: Q00-log,htm, Q000017.htm, Q000015.htm, downloads/Q000014.htm, downloads/Q990401.htm, Q000001.htm, Q000801.htm
2005-02-01 Create tombstone redirection for move of FAQ/Q000801.htm to FAQ/2000/Q000801.htm
done 2005-02-05 Update the Q00-next tombstone to HTML 4.01 styles and format, and change redirection to the new Q000001-log page.
2005-02-02 Branch Q00-log.htm and make Q000001-log, share back for tombstone.
2005-02-02 Branch Q000017 and make 1997/Q971101, share back for tombstoning
2005-02-02 Branch Q000015 and make 1999/Q990402, share back for tombstoning
2005-02-02 Branch downloads/Q000014 for recreating as 1999/Q990401, bring back a tombstone and maybe create an Include Page under downloads(!):
   1. Rename in situ
   2. Branch
   3. Move the subpages
   4. On moving the article home page, do not move the links with it.
   5. Bring back a tombstone of Q990401.htm
   6. Bring back a tombstone of Q000014.htm from the site image
   7. Add a diary and job jar to faq/1999/Q990401a.htm 
   8. Upgrade the pages to HTML 4.01 style, etc.
done 2005-02-02 Branch Q000001 and put in 1998/Q980101; share back for tombstoning [dh:2005-02-02 And also slide up the subpages so that there is room for a Diary & Job Jar page.]
done 2005-02-02 Re-name those FAQ that are placeholders to get rid of the Q0000nnx block, putting them where they really belong.
done 2005-02-01 Create year folder 1997 for a few goodies that may end up here as part of some of the renumbering of pre-2000 FAQ questions.
done 2005-02-01 Create year-based folders 1999 and 1998 as a way of handling the pre-2000 items instead of usurping the low Q0000nnx identifiers.
done 2005-02-01 Move Q000801.htm to 2000/Q000801.htm as part of sweeping all FAQtips into year folders.  [dh:2005-02-01 I forgot to branch the sharing with the site image in VSS first.  Now I have to bring one back from the published image and it won't have a shared history.  Drat.  Remember for further ones of these.]
done 2005-02-01 Move Q000801a.htm to 2000/Q000801a.htm as part of sweeping all FAQtips into year folders.  This becomes a template for customizing as the Diary & Job Jar of other FAQtips as they are moved to annual sections.
done 2005-02-01 Make year-based subfolders for 2003, 2002, 2001, and 2000 also.
done 2005-02-01 Make a 2004 subfolder as a container for identified Q04mmnnx FAQtip notes
done 2005-02-01 Make a 2005 subfolder as a container for new Q05mmnnx FAQtip notes
2004-11-18 Make annual sub-folders to hold FAQ entries in a way that is easier to navigate and support
done 2004-11-19 Add a Diary & Job Jar to Q000801 in conformance with the current model of carrying construction notes as locally as possible.
done 2004-11-19 Conform Q00-log.htm to the ODMA HTML 4.01 styles before doing the rename and tombstone trick to make Q000001-log.htm.
done 2004-11-19 Conform Q000801 (Using the ODMA Tech List) to the ODMA HTML 4.01 styles and use it as a template for further FAQ updates.
done 2004-11-19 Clean off dangling construction block at the bottom of the default page.
2004-11-18 Correct the fonts on the FAQ default page, there is spill from the title block.
done 2004-11-18 Add a job jar (Q000000) for the FAQ pages.
done 2004-11-18 Adjust the default.htm to the new style
done 2004-11-18 Convert index.htm for the structure of a construction zone
done 2004-11-18 Convert construction.htm to a construction zone page
done 2004-11-18 Bring a construction diary over here from /construction and begin customizing
0.00 2004-11-18-11:25 Initiation of Diary & Notes
This Construction Zone change history is set up as part of a construction-structure refresh of the ODMA site.

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