Q000605: Who Are the ODMA Contributors?

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From its inception in 1994, ODMA has been supported by a dedicated community of volunteers engaged in the document-management industry as vendors, developers, and users.

This ODMA FAQtip is provided to recognize the contributions that have been made and all of those who had a hand in it.  Without every one of these voices contributing to the ODMA effort, the result would be different than what we have.  Each and every contribution matters.

1. The ODMA Hall of Fame

2. ODMA Contributors


Change History

1. The ODMA Hall of Fame

Contributor When? Contribution
Brad H. Clements 1994-1995 At SoftSolutions, developed the concept of ODMA, led the creation of ODMA 1.0, and delivered the first ODMA Connection Manager, ODMA 1.0.0 for Win16, with sample application and DMS.
Betsy Fanning
Mike Gardiner 1995- At Novell, extended ODMA 1.0 to apply to Win32 and implemented the Win32 versions of the ODMA Connection Manager and samples.  Contributed to the ODMA Workflow 1.0  Software.
David Hamsen 1994- At SoftSolutions and Novell GroupWise, led the ODMA development team and supported the continuing creation and demonstration of ODMA interoperability.  Created the original ODMA Workflow 1.0 Software.
Judith Kilpatrick 1994-
John Newton 1994-1995 At Documentum, participated in the original specification of ODMA, proposing and defining the ODMA Workflow 1.0 Specification.
Colin O'Brien 199?- Chair of AIIM ODMA coalition
     Prototyped ODMA 1.5 version of MultODMA sample client
Created early full-text approach supplementing ODMA integration
     Developed and maintained table of ODMA-aware applications and ODMA-compliant DMS integrations
     Provided descriptions of ODMA evolution, status, potential, and relationship to other initiatives at trade shows and conferences
     On his ActiveDoc web site, Colin provided key information and articles on ODMA:  How ODMA Integrates Application and DMS, About ODMA 2.0, ODMA and the InternetAbout ODMA 1.5, and About ODMA.
     The first FAQ carried on Colin's site provided information on configuring Microsoft Office applications since 1998.
     Colin also provided the MultODMA 1.5.0 experimental implementation for demonstrating ODMA 1.5 application-originated query.
     Contributed work-around proposal for X000006: ODMQueryCapability Crashes.
Ivan Pavlov 1998- Programmer on ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager Changes
Brian Phelps 1994-
Bob St. Jean 1997-2000 Edited ODMA 2.0 Specification.  Preserved historical materials on ODMA 1.0 and ODMA 1.5.  Responded to and contributed resolution to X000002: Codes Missing in Odma.h. Contributed resolution to X00009: Incorrect ODMOpenDoc ODM_REFCOPY Flag.
Rod Schiffman 1994- Edited ODMA 1.0a, adding the approach used thereafter for creating new documents
Alvin Tedjamulia 1994-
Gerald (Jerry) Willett 1996- Documented ODMA 1.5
Kim Woodward 199?- Chair of AIIM ODMA coalition
Marilyn Wright 1995-

2. ODMA Contributors

Contributor When? Contribution
Jamal Abu-Dayyeh 2000 Urged focus on ODMA 1.0 as a level for interoperable development of ODMA-aware applications
Mike Baker 2000 Reported and trouble-shot X001000: Microsoft Word 2000 Save Failure
Robert Barham 1999 Contributed to Q000001
Nancy Bobb 2000 Devised use of ODMA-Aware application components for obtaining ODMA services in Q010103: Visual Basic Access to ODMA Functions.
Balaz Branislav 2000-2001 Contributed to Q000014: Creating ODMA Document IDs.  Confirmed X001000: Microsoft Word 2000 Save Failure.
John Charles Brown 1999 Reported X000010: ODMQueryGetResults Buffer Handling
Alan Campbell 1999 Contributed question for Q000015
Steve Cartacki 1999 Reported incident X000011: Trace Logging Failure.
Jonathan Cecil 2000 Contributed resolution to X000600, supporting Q000001
Brad H. Clements 1994- ODMA Hall of Fame
Jonathan Cohen 2002 Applied Q000001 and contributed clarifying questions about its application to Win32 and automating the registry modifications.
Dale Frohock 2000 Pointed out the desirability of having ODMA 1.0 available along with all other versions of ODMA
Dal Ghotra 1999 Contributed to Q000014: Creating ODMA Document IDs.  Reported X000002Codes Missing in Odma.h missing-flag cases.   Identified incident of X000006: ODMQueryCapability Crash.  Provided workaround for X000011: Trace Logging Failure.
Dennis E. Hamilton 1994-1995  Xerox XSoft technical representative from meeting #2 in Orem and host for meeting #3 at Xerox PARC
2000- AIIM DMware Technical Coordinator
Kollin Hutchison 2002 Reported and clarified incident X020600
Carolyn Kaukl 2001 Identified and provided troubleshooting for an ODMA32 defect, X010100: Inappropriate Messages to Users, as part of taking initiative in tracking down X010101: WordPerfect SP4 Invalid Document IDs
Stefan Kiesow 2002 Requests for Visual Basic support prompted strengthening of Q010103.  While experimenting with ODMA SDK, contributed X020500.
Boon Long 2000 Noticed and reported X000100: ODMASAMP with Word on NT.  First to report discrepancies in Word 2000 behavior between Win98 and NT with X000200: MS Office Between Win98 and NT.
V. J. Mohan  2000 Noticed and reported X000903.  Contributed to Q001000 and ODMA 2.0 Errata version 2.0-1.  Affirmed importance of knowing what to expect of ODMA 1.0 DMS integrations.
John Newton ODMA Hall of Fame
Colin O'Brien ODMA Hall of Fame
Paul O'Sullivan 1999 Reported X00009: Incorrect ODMOpenDoc ODM_REFCOPY Flag
S. Ramanathan 2000 Reported X000600 and confirmed Q000001 as resolution
Evgeny Rex 2001 Reported X000002: Codes Missing in Odma.h
Raja Sekhar 1998 Reported X000002: Codes Missing in Odma.h
Maria Gabriela Serkin 2002 Reported X020501: Microsoft Outlook 2002 Save Failure
Michael D. Smith 1999 Reported X000002: Codes Missing in Odma.h
Harikrishnan Sugumaran 2000 Contributed Q000902
Simon Tomlinson 2000 Contributed sample VD definitions used in Q010103
Viktor Yuzyuk 2001 Reported X000002: Codes Missing in Odma.h


Version 0.10: Begin compiling names and recording new contributions (orcmid)
The initial version is created to begin the capture of names and description of contributions.  I wasn't satisfied to continue on ODMA support without having a way to acknowledge all of the contributions that have been made, from the beginning to the present time.

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