FAQtip Q000601: WordPerfect Support Resources

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The latest version of this information is available on the AIIM DMware ODMA site.


This response addresses the question "How can I find WordPerfect support resources?"

1. Direct/Vendor Support

2. Peer-to-Peer Support

3. Community-Support Web Pages


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Q000600, Troubleshooting WordPerfect-ODMA

1. Direct/Vendor Support

 1.1 Corel Product Support

1. Use the Corel Knowledge Base and Search on ODMA.
2. Use this page of links to Corel Support.

2. Peer-to-Peer Support

2.1 Gordon McComb's WordPerfect Universe

1. Go to the WordPerfect for Windows Troubleshooting section and search on ODMA.
2. Here's a recent discussion involving ODMA and document corruption (solution posted near the end, dated 06-20-2000 04:35pm).
3. Here's the page of links on over-all WordPerfect topics.

2.2 Internet News Groups

1. Go to for peer-to-peer newsgroups supported on the Corel News Server,
2. Subscribe to corelsupport.wordperfectoffice-2000.wordperfect_troubleshooting and find tips like this message: Re: WPOffice2000 on Win2KPro vs. GroupWise
3. Search for ODMA.
4. Check on the Data Management Avenue list at

3. Community-Support Web Pages

1. Barry MacDonnell's Toolbox for WordPerfect for Windows


Clay Gibney
provided links to the Corel support site and Barry McDonnell's Toolbox site; Clay also provided a copy of the procedure for initiating WordPerfect activity logging (2000-06-06).
Dennis Hamilton
collected the contributed material and organized version 0.10 for initial trial (2000-06-19 to 2000-08-23).  The linked resources have also been notified of this material and invited to link to it as part of their support for WordPerfect users.
Brad Robertson
provided the link to WordPerfect Universe (2000-06-04).


Version 0.11: Add to Peer-to-Peer
Document Management Avenue recommended as another peer-to-peer resource.
Version 0.10: Initial Compilation
The links to WordPerfect support resources are placed in a separate FAQtip so that it can more-easily maintained and cross-referenced from other articles here and on other sites.  The original information was gathered on 2000-06-19.

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