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A running job jar of ideas and notes on the creation of FAQtips for ODMA.




  2006-06-22 Q060601 has a number of work items that involve creation of additional FAQtips.  Review and move to here.
  2006-06-14 Identify all of the FAQ that need to be moved as part of the 2005-10-13 in-progress change.  This is a significant part of the ODMA refresh.
  2006-06-14 Create a FAQ on adjusting the registry for trouble-shooting.  Discuss the threat model for that.
  2006-06-14 Create an Incident Report on OpenOffice.org difficulties.
in progress 2005-10-03 Big policy change.  I have in the past and quite recently been in the habit of placing FAQtips in folders near what they are related to.  There are FAQtips in the /downloads area, for example.  I had just done some under /active/ODMref10/tools also.  This is the wrong way to go about it.  The FAQtips should be under the /faq/yyyy/mm structure, always.  That way, the templates always work with regard to depth from the root and there is no fragility there.  Secondly, if the material needs to be present elsewhere, it can be used as FrontPage Extensions Include Pages with no problem.   The project: Move all primary copies of FAQtips to the /faq tree and replace those that might have been bookmarked in other locations by Included Pages.  This will simply sort itself all out.  It also makes it easier to move FAQtips from their original form to their current for as folios based on the Q000006 template.  Like all bootspiral projects of this kind, new FAQtips will follow this principle and the most-recent existing ones (anything to do with ActiveODMA) will be back-factored first.   
in progress 2005-06-27 I want to start using the yyyy/mm folder scheme for FAQ, not just yyyy.  Then we can have a standard template borrowed from the TROSTing InfoNote structure. [dh:2005-07-04 Instead of redirecting material, we can use include pages.  This will work more smoothly, although the top-level clutter won't go away.  It can't because we promise not to break links to folio covers and even other pages if it is avoidable.
done 2007-07-28 q070701b: Share this into an odmjni.htm page in the ActiveODMA directory.  This will be blended into upgrade of the active directory as a portal.
done 2007-07-28 q070701: Reflect in the catalog
done 2007-07-28 q070701: Create initial placeholder for "ODMJNI Java-ODMA Reference Integration"
2006-06-14 Create a FAQ on integrating/configuring OpenOffice.org
2006-06-14 Remove all of the pending FAQ tips from the current catalog and put them someplace else, such as this job jar, or a separate catalog-like table.  Maybe a separate FAQ or project folio.  See 2006-06-27.  [dh:2006-06-22 There is now a Pending FAQtips page as Q000001c.htm.]
2005-06-27 Should I scrub the unused FAQ's out into this list until we can review them and decide what to do with them? [dh:2005-07-05 I think I should.  Don't know exactly when to do it.] [dh:2006-06-14 I want to do it.  Do it any time now.]
done 2006-06-14 Create a FAQ on confirming that an ODMA-aware connection is happening. [It is Q060601.]
done 2006-06-14 Make a 2006/06 folder with index.htm page
done 2006-06-14 Make a 2006 folder with index.htm page.
done 2005-10-03 Back-factor the /active/ODMref10/tools FAQtips to /faq/2005/09.  See notebook #48.31-33.
done 2005-10-03 Recalculate Hyperlinks to get the material in /09 and /10 to show up.  It must have failed when done yesterday.
2005-07-04 Make Q050701 be the ODMA Contact and Feedback folio. 
2005-06-27 Review the Q000001 catalog for some titles being centered rather than left-aligned in their boxes.
2004-11-18 Recover Q000001 somehow for use as a log, and see if we can clear out 10 numbers at the front for management of the FAQtip entries and no other application? [dh:2005-02-02 I am moving all of the numbers, with a redirect at Q000001 and other redirects at Q000015 and Q000017.  I will mark the last two as unusable in the log.]
2004-11-18 Reassign Q000000 so that it doesn't conflict with this page
done 2004-11-18 Add this Diary & Job Jar for the further work on organizing and completing the FAQtips.  [dh:2005-10-03 This is part of the ODMA Refresh].
0.00 2004-11-18-12:57 Initiation of Diary & Notes
This FAQtip Diary & Job Jar is created to provide local work items in the management of the FAQtips and their organization, distinct from the overall construction of the FAQ section.

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