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OpenOffice.org is intended to integrate with ODMA via a Content Provider plug-in (the OCP).   The experimental OCP implementation has not been demonstrated to work.  The present FAQtip is for tracking the OCP work and building up information for configuring and troubleshooting OpenOffice.org with ODMA when a functioning plug-in is available.

1. Status
2. Further Information

1. Status

There is experimental availability of an OpenOffice.org Content Provider plug-in for ODMA (OCP).  This content provider does not appear to be working, in that it fails to connect to the ODMA Connection Manager at all.  

Because there is interest in this provision for OpenOffice.org, the currently known information is recorded here and in the registry of ODMA-aware applications.

2. Further Information

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Also start a job jar page for recording work items for building more content.  This FAQtip is a placeholder to let people know there is work on integration of OpenOffice.org, and what its current status is.

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