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Confirming ODMA-Aware Connection


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Every ODMA-aware application is expected to operate as an ordinary application when ODMA is not installed.  When the ODMA Connection Manager is installed, ODMA-aware applications are expected to dynamically register with it.  If  registration is unsuccessful, the application must also behave as if ODMA is not present at all.  Successful end-to-end discovery of ODMA availability by an ODMA-aware application is the first confirmation that an application is properly connecting with ODMA.

This confirmation procedure is useful for troubleshooting an application's integration with ODMA.  It serves as the first end-to-end test case for progressive development of software for an ODMA-aware application.  The basic approach is summarized below.  Technical details are on the procedure page.

1. Summary
2. Further Information

1. Summary

1.1 This FAQtip provides a procedure for verifying that an ODMA-Aware application is successfully detecting and connecting with the ODMA Connection Manager.

1.2 The procedure confirms the following scenario:

1.3 Once this much is accomplished, other confirmations of ODMA operation can be undertaken using a default DMS and ODMA Connection Manager logs.  {tbd: Add links to those FAQs here or in the extended text.  Link to the appropriate place from here.}

{tbd: There will be a link to documentation on how a default ODMA DMS is determined for each application, either a global default or a specific default for the particular application.  There is an administration procedure for controlling the use of default DMS integrations on an application-by-application basis.   

For DMS Developers there will be a link to procedures for detecting that there is an ODMA Connection Manager and when there is, linking to it in a safe way.  This will be developed as part of the ODMrun10 tool project under ODMdev.}

2. Further Information

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