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  2005-10-02 There is a policy, practice, and pattern situation here.  The folio cover can account for that and link to the related items.  It feels nice to be poised to do that, finally.
  2005-10-02 Fix the layout: spacing between bullets, permalink numbering, etc.  Give it a review for appearance and consistency with other TROSTed material.
  2005-10-02 Make the emergency procedure more clear.  Check on the improvements made on TROST or NuovoDoc or wherever I tightened it up.
  2005-07-05 Next coordinate with ODMdev Engagement and also do validation and setup of activeodma-discuss, re-examine the feeds, etc.
  2005-07-04 When contact.htm is present and populated we can collapse some of the other FAQtip placeholders or even eliminate them.
done 2005-07-06 Proof-read the new contact.htm page and verify all of the links on it using the development site.  Then allow updating at the next site update.
2005-07-04 Using the TROST version as a guide, get a contacts.htm page here as quickly as possible with minimal frills. Leave everything else as action items here. [dh:2005-07-05 The content needs to be brought over and customized.]
done 2005-07-06 Complete the customization of Q050701c as a placeholder (fix the <head> title).
done 2005-07-05 Correct link in history of Q050701c to be to p050601c.htm, not p050601.htm; also check here and Q050701.htm
done 2005-07-05 Feed defects noticed in Q000006 back to that project for correction before uploading.
done 2005-07-05 Make sure that everything here is shared with the hosted site ready to publish.
done 2005-07-05 Make Q050701c a placeholder good enough to provide link integrity.
done 2005-07-05 Borrow TROST i050402.htm as the basic explanation on Q050701, but make it simpler.  That is the provisional level 0.01.
done 2005-07-05 After there is a provisional structure, make a contact.htm that uses that structure.  This is enough to satisfy the need for link targets.
done 2005-07-05 Use a structure with folio cover, Diary & Job Jar, and start with Q050701c for content.  The latest is implemented in ODMA contact.htm at the root.
done 2005-07-04 Create this page for immediate collection of action items and notes.

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0.00 2005-07-04-22:44 Create Initial Placeholder {Customize}
Introduce an initial placeholder that serve as a target of links and provides a diary & job jar that can be employed immediately.  This page is a customization of the FAQtip Bootstrap Template 0.10 Diary & Job Jar.  A version from FAQtip Bootstrap 0.10 Material was used.

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