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0.50 2007-07-28 -11:14 -0700


The pages of this little FAQtip digital folio are used in development of the ODMA Interoperability Exchange contact.htm page.  That page, in the root folder, will always provide current information.  The content for contact.htm is currently included from

This is the initial version.  It is expected that there will be revisions to re-factor the content between the contact page and other information on use of lists, how to get questions answered, etc.

Revision History:
0.50 2005-07-06-10:35 Updated with Complete Content
The TROST contact page (version 0.40) is used as a basis for customizing one for the ODMA Interoperability Exchange. 
0.01 2005-07-05-11:26 Create provisional content to allow posting
We make enough so that all pent-up material that links to contact.htm can be posted without loss of link integrity.  The customization of a contact page comes next.
0.00 2005-07-04-22:47 Create  placeholder to morph into the necessary material
Incorporate job jar and use it to drive the completion of essential items here, providing an initial skeleton for more content.  This page is a customization of the FAQtip Bootstrap Template 0.10 template.  A version from FAQtip Bootstrap 0.10 Material was used.

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