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Using the ODMA Tech List


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1.  What is ODMA Tech?

2. Prerequisites

3. Sending Messages to ODMA Tech

4. Subscribing to ODMA Tech

5. Signing off ODMA Tech

6. Other List Operations

1. What is ODMA Tech?

The e-mail address ODMATECH@ftplist.aiim.org is the address of the ODMA Tech e-mail discussion list.

ODMA Tech is the general list for all broadcast to the community of people and organizations interested in the Open Document Management API (ODMA), its support, troubleshooting, compliant products, and further development.

[Add reference to the LISTSERV software and on-line information, perhaps linking down to a section later on this page to provide further details.]

2. Prerequisites

You need an e-mail address

You need to confirm your interest in this list 

Consider other lists as well

The DMA Tech list

The Web-DM list

The ActiveODMA developers list

WebDAV lists

3. Sending Messages to ODMA Tech

For ODMA questions and discussions, mailto:ODMATECH@ftplist.aiim.org

You do not have to be a member of the list to send to it?  Confirm that.

Recommending that people send to the list to be recognized.

How to send to the list.

Etiquette for using the list. [Can be in a later section]

What about the funny %xxx material?

Replying to the sender instead of the list.

4. Subscribing to ODMA Tech

To subscribe for receiving ODMATECH messages,

5. Signing off ODMA Tech

To unsubscribe and remove yourself from ODMATECH,

6. Other List Operations

For other information on using the lists, and customizing for your preferences, send message with the following commands in the message body

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