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Many DMS (document management system) vendors have spent the last year [1997] adding support for access from web browsers, first simple search and retrieval, and then full client functionality. ODMA is now following that same two step process. A proposal developed by Oracle was unanimously approved March 11, 1997 and was demonstrated by Novell April 15-17, 1997 at the AIIM Show in New York.

The specification defines a series of methods which can be sent via HTTP to a server integration process, such as CGI, ISAPI or NSAPI. These methods are essentially a sub-set of the ODMA API.

With this functionality, a web designer could provide a form which sends a search request to the web server fronting the DMS. The format of this search is derived from that used in ODMA 1.5. A regular HTML page is returned listing the titles of documents satisfying the search. By clicking on a document, the ODMA URL is sent to the DMS and the document is returned to be displayed using whatever viewer is configured in the web browser.

An ODMA URL could also be embedded in a document.

The Internet specification relies upon a new call in ODMA 2.0 to convert an ODMA Document Id into a URL.

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