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ODMA FAQtips are tips and responses to Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ).


What Are the ODMA-Compliant Products?

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ODMA-Aware Applications
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Registering an ODMA-Compliant Product
What and Where Are the FAQtips?
Log of Current FAQtips  
2005-10-03 FAQtip Refresh In Progress
As part of the creation of an useful ODMdev foundation for ActiveODMA work, and as part of an overall refresh of the ODMA site, the FAQtips collection is being reorganized to use a chronological folder structure that corresponds with the FAQtip identification scheme, Qyymmnnx.  This will be done with new material first, then material relevant to ActiveODMA, and then back-factored onto other existing FAQtips as circumstances permit.  The approach being taken will not break any bookmarks that link to FAQtips in their current locations, and there is no small amount of pride in being able to do that.

This area is still, slowly and unsteadily being expanded as part of the historical recovery of ODMA materials.

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