ODMA 2.0 Documentation Files

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The AIIM Open Document Management API (ODMA) Coalition created and approved the the ODMA 2.0 Specification.  Support and continuation of that work is being carried out under AIIM DMware as a cooperative open-source activity.

The ODMA 2.0 Documentation Files are those files, including the ODMA 2.0 Specifications themselves, that constitute the complete documentation set for ODMA 2.0.  

The files are valuable  for trouble-shooting interpretations of the specifications, studying the ODMA model for open document-management integration on the desktop, and evaluation of proposed additions and extensions to ODMA.

The documents conveyed in these files are consulted by people constructing ODMA-aware applications and ODMA-compliant DMS integrations.  The documents also apply in the construction, maintenance, and porting of the ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager software.  

 This information applies to Zip Package 2.0.0-1 of the ODMA 2.0 Documentation Files.  For later editions and current status, consult the on-line ODMA 2.0 Documentation Files description page.


1. Prerequisites

2. Obtaining ODMA 2.0 Documentation Files

3. ODMA 2.0 Documentation Files Content (version 2.0.0-1)

4. Using the Documentation Files

Change History

1. Prerequisites

1.1 Access-Viewing Requirements
1.2 Development-Tool Requirements

The ODMA 2.0 documentation files (edition 2.0.0-1) apply to the development of ODMA-compliant software on the Microsoft Windows platform (Intel PC architecture).  The documents are for use by designers and programmers working with C/C++ Language and constructed using standard development tools (e.g., Microsoft Visual Studio) for the Windows platform.

The materials included in the ODMA 2.0 Documentation Files package may be informative and useful for other purposes as well.  There is no special effort to satisfy other requirements, however.

To determine whether there are more-suitable materials for your purposes, please consult the latest information on the AIIM DMware ODMA site:

1.1 Access-Viewing Requirements

To access and use the material, you will require:

  1. A web browser or HTML viewer that supports HTML 3.2, including tables.
  2. A ZIP-archive decompression utility that will extract files from WinZIP-compatible archives.
  3. An Internet connection and web browser for accessing the ODMA sites and downloading necessary materials.
  4. Optionally: A Microsoft Word 97 viewer for inspection and review of the original form of the official ODMA 2.0 Specification.  The material is also conveyed in HTML form, and any deviations between the HTML and Microsoft Word versions are accounted for in the errata provided with the HTML edition.  

1.2 Development-Tool Requirements

To develop ODMA-compliant software, you may also want to obtain the latest versions of the ODMA 2.0 Library Files.  

Development tools are not required to access and review the documentation files.

2. Obtaining ODMA 2.0 Documentation Files

2.1 Identify Current Files
2.2 Download 2.0.0-1 Files
2.3 Extract Documentation Files

2.1 Identify Current Files

This document applies to the current documentation files used for ODMA 2.0.  They are available on-line as ODMA 2.0 Documentation Files package version 2.0.0-1.  

Unless you have already done so, and are satisfied that the 2.0.0-1 files are what you want, you should check on the AIIM DMware ODMA site for the latest description of ODMA 2.0 Documentation Fles.  That description of the current ODMA 2.0 library can be found on the AIIM DMware ODMA development site at URL

If there is more-recent material that is more-appropriate for your purposes, locate the instructions that apply to that material and employ them in place of this description.  Do not continue with these instructions.

If package version 2.0.0-1 is the available material that you elect to use, continue with these instructions.

2.2 Download 2.0.0-1 Documentation Files

ODMA 2.0 Library Files edition 2.0.0-1 is distributed in the Zip archive file  

Download the .zip file from the designated location.  Choose a suitable working destination, such as a place where you intend to extract the contents.  Rename the file as needed to satisfy requirements of your operating system.  It is valuable to choose locations and names that avoid confusion between this package and any others that become available.

If you obtain the .zip file by other means, you can confirm that you have the correct package by reviewing the Content in Table 1.

2.3 Extract Documentation Files

The files incorporated in are designed to be extracted together into a single file-system directory.  Using typical Zip-file extraction software, an Extract All operation to a chosen directory will deliver the entire content exactly as described in Table 1.

All documentation is in HTML format, and the package can be reviewed using the page odma20D.htm as the starting point.

3. ODMA 2.0 Documentation Files Content (package version 2.0.0-1)

Table Content
Name Size (bytes) Time Stamp
local time)
Edition Description



2.0.0-1 Description of the package, how to use it, and how to obtain later material.


- 2.0-3 ODMA 2.0 Specification, HTML edition 2.0-3


- 2.0.0-1 HTML-viewable rendition of Odmacom.h


- 2.0.0-1 HTML-viewable rendition of Odma.h


- 2.0.-1 ODMA 2.0 Errata based on odma20-3.htm


- 1.15 Q000500: How ODMA Integrates Application and DMS


- 1.00 image used in presentation of Q000500


- 0.10 Q000705: What Changed Between ODMA Versions? Information on variations between ODMA versions and their impact on downward compatability and interoperability
Q001000.htm - - 0.10 Q001000: DocRelation Usage

4. Using the Documentation Files

Change History

version 2.0-1 Review Draft for the Packaging of Materials (orcmid)
The basic structure is carved out of a copy of odma20L.htm taken as boilerplate.  This is to provide a provisional target for some of the incorporated files, in a similar manner.  Once the review of the draft, and errata compilation are completed, this page will be completed and the Zip package prepared as a permanent archive for this stage of ODMA 2.0 Documentation Files.

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