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2001-10-14-17:53 Clean Up DMware Mirroring Provisions
The construction pages for ODMA are adjusted to provide the standard mirroring construction and be consistent in nomenclature and links within the logos.  These changes still apply only to the construction structure and are not yet extended to content, except in a haphazard way.
2001-09-12-14:55 Dealing with "sub-mirroring."
There are portions of this section that are intended to be faithfully useful as a part of the site, as a part of any DMware mirror, and as separately "mirrored" sections that can be downloaded and used independently.  The reconciliation of DMware Mirroring requires that all links in these files be relative.  To permit the sub-mirrored set to operate, a separate file is created to provide for the linkages back to full sites and mirrors.  This adjustment is done first for the ODMA 2.0 documentation set and the ODMA 2.0.0 library set.
2001-08-06-13:04 Restructure Construction for DMware Mirroring (orcmid)
The material here is restructure for incorporation in a DMware mirror, separate from the original hosting.  This allows mirroring of the ODMA Materials on a CD-ROM, on a different web site, and on local file systems as a group.  Only the DMware/construction folder provides any globally-relative linkage to a construction folder of the containing site.  Only that folder and the root that contains it needs to be unique for each independent mirroring.
2000-08-03-21:17 Additional 2.0-3 Review Draft Posting (orcmid)
The materials that are created as part of the second edit pass, so far, are posted as a backup measure and to allow more FAQtips and incident reports to be posted.  The material is not announced, and there are broken links anywhere that is mentioned.  That package is not yet posted (since it depends on there being a clean odma20L.htm to include).
2000-07-09-15:41 Make Second 2.0-3 Edit Pass for Final Verification (orcmid)
1. The rata20-3.htm errata page is begun, cloning from the FAQtips q00-log page.
2. In the title block, a permanent, reliable link to the latest information on ODMA 2.0 status is created.  The odma20st.htm page will be permanently-maintained as long as there are ODMA 2.0 documents that may still reference it.
3. The sections are reviewed, one at a time and bookmarks created so that all paragraphs can be referenced from other annotating pages.  During the book marking, each section is proof-read and the errata are updated for anything that is noticed and anything that is in the notes made during the first-pass editing.
4. The ODMA header files are needed to reconcile some apparent-errata conditions and to support the specification.  They also need to be available in a current download-package that has everything needed to use the API definitions.  This consists of the four files odma.h, odmacom.h, odma.lib, and odma32.lib.  The page odma20L.htm describes the package, and is available for downloading and using locally.  Because the *.lib files are not readable text, they are found only in  In the download area of the web site the API definitions are in odma200h.htm and odma200c.htm to avoid conflict with API definitions for different versions. HTML format allows annotation and cross-reference from technical materials. 
2000-07-09-10:08 Post 2.0-3 First-Pass Completion for Review (orcmid)
The first pass of editing from end-to-end is completed.  The document is placed on as a safety precaution and to invite review from subject-matter experts and others who are using the specification as part of current trouble-shooting activities.
1. A few problems with shortcuts were noticed and corrected from the previous posting.
2. The creation of errata and substitution for the odma20.htm "always-current" HTML edition will not be done until quality-control activities are fully completed.
2000-07-05-17:08 Continue Editing Presentation of HTML Edition 2.0-3 (orcmid)
The posting of an intermediate version, already backed-up many times in Visual Source Safe, provides some safety if the laptop, Compagno, is damaged or lost.  My attention was on that because I was taking the computer out of the house for a spin.  This is an interim measure, since the revision history and configuration management is not backed up on the VServers site.
1. I noticed that there are still some relative links from the page to reference places, and I have repaired that at once.
2. I am continuing the editing, proceeding beyond section 2.23 where I last stopped.
3. I am also collecting errata notes for the pass to be made after I get through the top-level re-editing of every section.
2000-07-05-06:46 Edit Presentation of HTML Edition 2.0-3 (orcmid)
After preparing the document, the HTML linkages and presentation of content are edited:
1. The Revision History title is changed to Specification History and linked from the beginning of the table of content.
2. Every bookmark in the body of the document is reviewed and replaced with one having no spaces or unusual characters that get in the way of making links to each bookmark for use over the Internet.  All duplications of bookmarks or extensions of bookmarks beyond one line are cleared and cleaned up in the HTML.
3. The table of content and all other internal hyperlinks are reviewed and corrected as needed to work with the changed bookmarks from step (2).
4. As part of this review, the solitary bullets under Binding to the API, Installing a DMS, Installing a Client Application, and Connection Manager Trace Logging are deleted from the table of content and the unnecessary bookmarks are removed from the respective sections.  
5. Similar simplification is made to the Appendix A and Appendix B entries in the table of content and in the target sections.
6. The underlining of all entries in the table of content is removed, allowing browser presentation to emphasize the shortcut hyperlinks in accordance with browser settings.
7. The original title line settings are 
<CENTER><FONT color=
#9c6200 face="verdana, arial, helvetica, geneva, sans serif" size=5><B><a name="titleblock">Open Document Management API</a></B></FONT>
All but the fixed size are preserved after the title is changed to an HTML Heading1 paragraph.  The other elements of the title block are changed to use standard HTML styles and only relative font sizes.
8. The titles in the table of content are changed to heading styles, with Heading2 for the top level sections.
9. All forced boldface and underlining is removed from the body of the document.
10. The titles in the body of the document are also changed to consistent heading styles, starting with Heading1 for the top-level sections.
11. The layout of program prototypes and other lists and tables is adjusted, with captions added to the tables, all sections numbered (with an eye to setting up the document so that any paragraph in it can be cross-referenced from other, annotating documents).  All uses, examples, and mentions of programmed interfaces are shown in a distinct font and emphasis, so that references to interface and data elements stand out.  Cross-reference links to mentioned functions and constants are added.  Standard HTML styles are used for all adjusted formats.
12. All sections are visibly numbered and bookmarking to the individual paragraphs (for annotation and cross-referencing) is begun.  Intermediate copies are placed on the VServers site for backup, but not announced and not linked from any pages but this construction log.
2000-06-24-15:01 Create ODMA 2.0 Specification HTML Edition 2.0-3 (orcmid) 
HTML edition 2.0-2 has a number of problems.  I have avoided repairing it directly, wanting to do everything under strict configuration control.  Now's the time:
1. The odma20-2.htm copy in the VServers mirror was branched under Visual Source Safe to be insulated from further changes.
2. The Copy of odma20-2.htm under FrontPage 2000 is renamed to odma20-3.htm.  This is the foundation for the new edition of the specification.
3. The branched version of odma20-2.htm in the VServers mirror is shared back to the FrontPage 2000 development site through VSS.  FrontPage 2000 hyperlinks are recalculated to confirm that everything is connected as expected.  This provides the stable version that will not be changed.  (This operation leaves the 2.0-2 document checked out in the development site.  That checkout is revoked using FrontPage.)
4. The construction information at the end of the document is book-marked.  The $$Date-entry is modified to link to this narrative about how the document changes are made and how auditability of the document is preserved.  This and all other links to material external to the document are accomplished by complete URLs.  The HTML edition can be copied to an user's computer, or distributed as a file.  The document can be viewed locally as a single web page without need for any external Internet connection.  NB: The date of the edition is when revision was begun.  The $$Date-entry shows when the edition was last checked-in during the course of revision.  The $$Revision-entry counts the number of check-ins and is not tied to the edition number.
5. The title block at the top of the document is book-marked.  The notice "Copyright 1997 AIIM International" is added below the approval date of the document.  The edition identification and date beneath the copyright notice is given a manually-entered date so there will be no automatic dating by FrontPage software when the document is touched by trivial maintenance operations on the ODMA site.  The title-block edition line is linked to a revision note at the end of the document just before the construction information.  
7. The revision note describes the nature and purpose of the changes made in creating edition 2.0-3.  It describes how to confirm the authenticity of a copy.  It also describes how to confirm the changes that are made relative to HTML edition 2.0-2 and to the official Microsoft Word edition.
8. The revision notes are expanded to describe all previous revisions so that it is possible to completely audit the changes made to editions of this document.  The link for downloading the Microsoft Word Edition is removed from the beginning of the table of content.  That information is now available as part of the revision notes.
9. For completeness, the Microsoft MHTML Document 5.0 archive of edition 2.0-1 as framed on the AIIM site is imported as odma20-0.mht and referenced from edition 2.0-3.
2000-06-20-14:10 Correct Grammar in new changes (orcmid)
1. A duplicate word ("the") and plural-subject singular-verb mismatch is corrected in the new download section on the ODMA Connection Manager.
2. A download "box" is added to the ODMA 2.0 Source Code section for consistency in presenting all downloads.
2000-06-20-13:08 Update Section to Make ODMA32.DLL Directly Available (orcmid)
In troubleshooting ODMA integrations, users may need to confirm or replace their copy of ODMA32.DLL, independent of using the ODMA 2.0 SDK.  
1. A copy of the official ODMA32.DLL is Zipped and added to the site as
2. Opportunistic adjustments are made to the ODMA Downloads home page: the title images are removed and a link is made from the synopsis to the current HTML edition of the ODMA 2.0 specification.
3. The imported Zip file is added to the download descriptions as a new section.  The little download blocks are updated to stand out better.
4. We are now set up for creating a FAQtip on having the right version of ODMA32.DLL.
2000-06-15-17:07 Change linkages to the Status Section to the Support Section (orcmid)
Using FrontPage 2000 to review hyperlinks into the ODMA Status section, I found that there was a link from the odma200.htm tombstone here that was automatically adjusted by FrontPage 2000 to refer to the new ODMA Support section.  I updated odma200.htm here so that the wording of the hyperlink reflects the new target section.
2000-06-04-15:50 Use correct copy of ODMA 2.0 HTML at the Generic Location (orcmid)
I promised myself that I would not touch the current documents and only make further changes to the HTML edit by cutting a new version, ODMA 2.0-3.  Unfortunately, FrontPage 2000 is being helpful.  When I copied odma20-2.htm to odma20.htm, the change date was updated.  I knew that the VSS configuration-management material would change, but I wanted the copy to be identical in all other respects.
1. I did a checkout of odma20.htm into the VServers image.  I then deleted the checked out copy and directly replaced it with a copy of odma20-2.htm.  I checked odma20.htm back in and also did a get latest with that version over in the development tree operated under Personal Web Server and FrontPage 2000.
2. I will now force the copy with the older file date on the VServers image to replace the page at the actual VServers site.
3. In the future, I will abandon automatic dating of files in the "Last Updated" entry and resort to manual maintenance of this field.  That's because the site-management software is not able to distinguish between immaterial and material changes.  This will be started with the changes that remain to be done as part of the corrections mentioned in the log entry just below.
2000-06-03-12:15 Use Generic ODMA 2.0 HTML Location for the latest Specification (orcmid)
I have been reviewing the HTML version of the specification off-line and I notice a number of problems using it:  (a) There are references to external web sites for mundane things, such as access to the change log and download of the official Microsoft Word version of the document.  (b) Versioning the edits is required for accountability, but it means that there is no fixed place where someone can go to get the latest version of the specification, no matter what.  (c) Some of the shortcuts, having spaces in their names, don't work properly in all browsers, and the "bookmarks" that are the targets for the shortcuts are malformed, possibly as the result of conversion from another format to HTML.   (d) The general level of accountability that is being established for support of ODMA under the DMware Clearinghouse is unstated and not explicitly accounted for as a project for this site.  Here are the changes that I am introducing to improve that:
1. A copy of the current odma20-2.htm edit of the specification is placed at odma20.htm.  No changes are made to the document itself, although it has an independent Visual Source Safe existence when it is copied.  The odma20.htm page will always carry a copy of the latest-posted HTML edit of the specification.
2. The tombstone for odma200.htm is updated to refer people to the latest edit of the specification, not just a particular one.
3. The download home page section on the ODMA Specification is updated to use odma20.htm for viewing, and to point out that these are the latest edits.  Some additional adjustments are made to the home page as part of this editing: the "Last Update" link is expanded to include the time-zone offset, the duplication between the ODMA 2.0 Source and the ODMA 2.0 SDK is made more clear, and some other simple editing is done.
4. The VServers site is updated to reflect just this much.  Two operations are deferred for off-line continuation work: creation of edit ODMA 2.0-3 for carrying its own change history and also having repaired links and creation of an accountability page that specifies the level of accountability that will is being implemented here.
2000-05-30-10:11 Replace previous ODMA 2.0 HTML edition by Tombstone (orcmid)
Because edition 2.0-1 of the HTML specification was previously posted as odma200.htm, I am putting a tombstone in place of that file in case anyone has captured a URL to in the 12 hours or so it was uploaded.
1. While here, I am also deleting the copy of odma20.exe that has been included in the download area and not linked to anything.  This file is not needed separately because it is the content of, the ODMA 2.0 SDK.  I delete the file from FrontPage 2000, I already deleted it from the VServers site, and I now delete it permanently from the Visual Source Safe VServers image and the file directory of the mirror as well.
2. The tombstone is obtained the usual way.  The version of odma200.htm that is on the VServers image is imported back into Visual Source Safe, then shared back into the development site.  This becomes a new file under version control, and it is then edited to refer people to the new page for the specification, odma20-2.htm.
2000-05-30-09:45 Update ODMA 2.0 Specification HTML edition to 2.0-2. (orcmid)
The HTML version of the ODMA 2.0 specification is badly named.  I used 200 (for 2.0.0) and refered to it as 2.0.0-1.  For documents, the scheme I want to use is the actual version of the specification (20 for 2.0) and then -i for the edit/revision number, the idea being that this is an editorial change or correction and no change to the substance of the specification.  I am putting that process in right away by making the file name be odma20-2.htm and identifying it as version 2.0-2:  
1. The odma200.htm file is renamed to odma20-2.htm using FrontPage 2000, so that all links to the file are updated and Visual Source Safe sees the name change too.
2. The configuration management trailer at the end of the file and the "Last Updated" line at the top are modified to locate this change-history entry, and the mention of Version 2.0.0 is changed to Version 2.0-2.
3. The download page summary for the ODMA 2.0 Specification is modified to identify this edit as the current version, and explain that there is no difference made to the content of the specification.
2000-05-29-10:30 Expand Download Information, Adding HTML of the Specification (orcmid) 
1. The SDK Download box is modified to work better (as a single-celled table)
2. In the specification download section, a link indicating that the specification is also part of the SDK is also added.
3. A sketch of the ODMA 2.0 Specification is added to the description on the Download page, so people know what to find in the specification.
4. The default page is changed to white background, because this is site content (not construction material), however provisional.
5. The HTML Version of this specification is transferred from the AIIM site to this Download Area.  The only changes were removal of the document from the AIIM frame set and elimination of direct references to other material on the AIIM site.  The shortcuts in the file are all replaced with relative links that do not refer to the AIIM web site.  The reference for downloading the Word version is changed to link to the Specification section of the Download Area here.  Version control information is added to the head block and a revision control element is added at the end of the document.  There are no changes to content and any corrections will be handled with incident reports against the document.
6. The default page is edited so that the HTML version of the specification is directly linked so that download summaries cross-reference to the specification.
2000-05-21-00:01 Expand Information on Content of Downloads (orcmid)
1. Add a synopsis in the section on downloading the ODMA SDK.  Provide people with a better idea of what they are getting with the SDK and who would use it.
2. Added a link from the "Last updated" entry on the top of the download page to the applicable place in the Change History of the download area.  An account of the most-recent changes is directly found this way.  This is to be introduced as a regular practice as other pages are updated under ODMA and other projects on this site.
2000-05-17-12:47 Cleaned up download information (orcmid)
I added more information for people to tell what is available in the download area, assisting selection of what is available.
1. A date of last change is added at the top of the page so people can tell whether there is much new.
2. I corrected an incorrect reference to dma in the initial creation entry of this log.
2000-05-17-12:00 Correct creation date in the version information on this log (orcmid)
The creation date was entered in the first log entry but was not updated in the construction information area at the end of the page.  Instead, the creation date of the page that I cloned to make this one was still there.  It would seem that I could benefit by putting more automation into this page-cloning and project-creation activity.
2000-05-16-23:02 Create odma/downloads Project & Construction Log (orcmid)
1. The odma/downloads area is created to provide an archive and preliminary access to the current versions of ODMA 2.0 materials.  The initial area is not stitched into the overall ODMA structure because this is a provisional area created quickly to support some immediate trouble-shooting requirements.  It has not been given much supporting documentation or background and the content has not been updated for consistency with the new DMware Clearinghouse operation.
2. I established an index.htm and this construction.log to provide the initial construction structure.
3. The initial content consists of a default.htm that links to the first available downloads.
4. This material was cloned by copying a similar area created for DMA software.  In the course of customizing that boilerplate, an error in the title of the default.htm page was noticed and corrected in both places.  The orcmid mailto: on all of these pages was also corrected to use the primary InfoNuovo e-mail address.

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