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The Open Document Management API (ODMA) Coalition provided a standard connection-manager implementation for use in the implementation, distribution, and installation of products based on the ODMA 2.0 Specification.

This section provides downloads for all official and semi-official ODMA materials developed by the ODMA coalition.  It is the archival source of all stable ODMA materials.


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ODMA 2.0 Specification

ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager


ODMA 2.0 Source Code

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ODMA 2.0 Specification


Download the ODMA 2.0 Specification:


The ODMA 2.0 Specification concentrates on the API that is available for desktop applications to use when integrating with document-management systems via the ODMA interfaces.  Supplementary information describes the interfaces offered to the Connection Manager by DMS Drivers and also specifies how DMS drivers and applications are registered with ODMA.  

The ODMA 2.0 Specification is organized in five parts:

  1. Overview
    Brief history and description of important common elements:
    ODMA Document IDs
    Defined Constants
    Error Handling
    Connections and the ODMA Connection Manager
    Document Format Names
    DMS and Client File System Dialogs - Controlling Order of Presentation to users
    Character Sets
    Application Interfaces
    Query Syntax and Query Examples
    The C Language API offered by the ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager for use by ODMA-aware desktop applications.  This is the reference definition of the operations, how they are used, and what the defined responses are.
  3. DMS Interface
    The COM Interfaces supplied by Document Management System drivers
  4. Configuration, Installation, and Operation
    Binding to the ODMA API
    Installing a DMS
    Installing a Client Application
    Tracing Connection Manager Operations
  5. Appendices
    A. Document Attributes
    B. Preferred ODMA API Usage for Creation of New Documents

ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager


Download the ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager (32-bit):

  • ODMA32.dll version 2.0.0: Windows Zip File odma32-200.zip (31 kb) 
    Version 2.0.0 of  ODMA32.dll is also included in the ODMA 2.0 Software Development Kit
    Important: This Zip archive provides the 1998-05-07-13:10 version of the ODMA32.dll file.  It is exactly 69,632 bytes in size.  Extracting this file with WinZip can create a copy with a later date.  If you do not want this to occur, be sure to use the Extract All function or use the ODMA 2.0 SDK to install ODMA32.dll.

Usually, the ODMA Connection Managers are installed along with the installation of DMS services on the Microsoft Windows desktop.   This download is provided for independent use in troubleshooting.  It can also be used to eliminate any doubt whether the latest supported version of the ODMA connection manager is installed.

Note: It is recommended that ODMA32.dll be extracted to a separate location, and then copied to Windows/SYSTEM from there.  This allows the ODMA32.dll to be switched and then restored whenever required for trouble-shooting or to correct a DMS installation that introduces an obsolete version.  

For more information on setting up ODMA software for trouble-shooting, see also

Q000603: Latest ODMA Software 
Q000706: ODMA Version Interoperability Configuration

ODMA 2.0 Software Development Kit



Download the ODMA 2.0 SDK:

  1. The Zip archive contains the single self-extracting installation file, Odma20.exe (426kB).
  2. Execute Odma20.exe and specify the directory in which you want ODMA to be installed.  The Win32 default is "c:\Program Files\ODMA".
  3. When prompted, select which of 16-bit and/or 32-bit ODMA support you want installed.
  4. The installation process adds Odma.dll and/or ODMA32.dll to the Windows\System directory, adds registry entries for the ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager(s), and adjusts the Windows registry to include ODMA-required registry settings.
  5. Additional subdirectories carry the libraries, source codes, and the ODMA specification.

The ODMA 2.0 SDK provides materials needed by three groups of people:

The included ODMA Test application is useful in

The ODMA Connection Manager provides logging capabilities that can be controlled by adjustment of the Windows system registry.  Logging can be used to report all ODMA operations performed in a session of operation, providing valuable information for trouble-shooting an ODMA integration.

The ODMA 2.0 SDK includes the following software:

  1. ODMA Connection Manager: The ODMA 2.0 16-bit connection manager, Odma.dll and the ODMA 2.0 32-bit connection manager, ODMA32.dll
  2. Sample DMS Implementation: A Sample DMS, ODMASAMP, with source code, that can be installed and used (16-bit and 32-bit versions).  This sample confirms simple operations using text-format documents.  The source code for the Sample DMS is included for use as a model by developers of DMS integrations.
  3. ODMA Test Application:  ODMATest (16-bit and 32-bit versions) operates using ODMA with the Sample DMS and can be used to confirm and explore the ODMA configuration.  The source code for the ODMA Test program is also installed for use as a model by developers of ODMA-aware desktop applications.
  4. ODMA 2.0 Specification: A copy of the specification is included.
  5. ODMA Libraries: The ODMA libraries and header files needed to build ODMA DMS drivers and ODMA-aware desktop applications are included.

ODMA 2.0 Source Code


Download the ODMA 2.0 Source Code:

  • 1998-05-07 ODMA 2.0.0 Software Sources: Windows Zip File ODMA200-src.zip (150kB)
    Note: This archive is organized for extracting into a set of file folders.  Place the Zip file in an empty folder where you want the material to be installed.  Then extract the files with directory structure preserved.  This will create the subdirectories that are needed.

The current ODMA 2.0 Source Code includes the following  components:

  1. The Sample DMS Implementation for use in confirming operation of the connection manager (also included in the ODMA 2.0 SDK),
  2. The ODMA Test Application used for operating the configuration and confirming its operation (also included in the ODMA 2.0 SDK),
  3. The ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager source code.

There are two implementations of each component, one for Win32, another for Win16.  The necessary files for construction using Microsoft Visual C++ (circa version 6.0, dependant on Microsoft Foundation Classes) are included.

Revision History:
1.10 2006-03-10-14:20 Add PDF for 2.0 Specification
An ODMA 2.0 PDF is created and added to the site.  This page's format is tidied up in anticipation of the overall ODMA site refresh.
1.00 2003-03-10 Clean Up Text
A small number of errors and format discrepancies are repaired.
0.90 2001-09-18 Include References to All pre-2.0 Materials and 2.0 Errata
The other historical are gathered and linked from here for those concerned about continuity with 1.0, 1.5, and special extensions.  A "pure" HTML reformatting with good hyperlinking is begun as specification draft 2.0-3, and a corresponding cross-referencing errata is also added.  There is no change to the content in 2.0-3, only adjustment of format, style, and addition of cross-reference hyperlinks.
0.60 2001-08-06 Make part of DMware
Materials are adjusted to reflect incorporation of ODMA under DMware
0.40 2000-06-20 Provide ODMA32.dll for Direct Download
There is some instability in ensuring that the latest stable version of the Connection Manager is installed.  The direct-download information provides what is needed to obtain and confirm the latest.
0.30 2000-06-04 Improve Versioning and Prepare for Full Editorial Cleanup
The best versions are obtained and the document numbering scheme normalized so that the progression of editorial-only renditions is accounted for.   HTML version 2.0-2 is placed on-line for linking and cross-reference.
0.25 2000-05-29 Add Additional Materials
The SDK and an HTML single web page of the specification is brought here.  The ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager Source Code is made available.
0.00 2000-05-16 Create Initial Download Page
Put up just enough placeholder to support a trouble-shooting situation that has come up.

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