ODMdev: ActiveODMA Development Framework

Construction Structure


2008-04-23 21:13 -0700

You've reached the scaffolding for the ODMdev manager/ section. 

This folder holds all of the software and packaging for the ODMA Connection Manager implementations.  Initially, there are historical materials and source code starting with the first ODMA 2.0 Connection manager for Win32: ODMA32.dll 2.0.

Future projects here will introduce new management tools and fixtures for troubleshooting, confirmation of installation/operation, and testing.  All development of manager-related software under the ODMdev ActiveODMA Development Framework will be reflected here.

This construction structure page is part of the engineering, construction management, maintenance, and infrastructure for ODMdev.  You are welcome to explore this and other construction-information pages.   You'll need your hard hat and safety shoes.

Construction Zone (Hard Hat Area)
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