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 ODMJNI 1.0 Confirmation Testing
0.30-practical100 Regression Set: Null01


0.01 2008-04-23 21:12 -0700


{author note: This folio page is to quickly provide a receptacle for the regression set created as part of practical100 0.59 beta development.  The details will be filled in off the critical path.}

This regression set apples to practical100 0.30 through practical100 0.59

It is expected to be applicable to practical100 0.60 and beyond.


4. Developer Notes

2007-11-21-15:49 Redoing Regression Set with Local OdmJava Script
Everywhere I look, the dependency of the 0.30-practical100 (and other) regression sets on an external OdmJava.bat is simply not working.  I am going to repair the 0.30-practical100 set by adding a local OdmJava.bat script, altering the RunNull01.bat script to rely on it, and then redo a confirmation check.
   I will do this for all of the other 0.59 regression sets as well, so I don't have to revise them later and they work better as part of the overall distribution package.  I will not do anything about the source code and rebuilding it at this point.  I also won't have a lot to offer on clean instructions and manifests.  That can all wait for the 0.60 effort or, better yet, the interval between 0.60 and 0.70 while I have a breather.
2007-11-19-20:42 Dependency Problems in Null01
Having RunNull01 depend on OdmJava.bat in a directory two levels up (that is, alongside the 0.30-practical100 subdirectory) is just awful.  It is too hard to explain.  By 0.60 at least, I need to fix this by giving Null01 its own copy of an OdmJava.bat that can be customized as needed to work where the confirmation test is being used.

Hamilton, Dennis E.
ODMJNI 1.0 Confirmation Testing - 0.30-practical100 Regression Set: Null01.   AIIM ODMA Interoperability Exchange, ODMdev Development Note page d071001d 0.01, November 21, 2007.  Available at <http://ODMA.info/dev/devNotes/2007/10/d071001d.htm>.
Revision History:
0.01 2007-11-21-20:57 Provide Downloads
The download set that is being packaged in practical100 0.59 is available here.
0.00 2007-11-19-18:18 Provide Placeholder
This page is put up as a placeholder for providing the downloads and description of the 0.30-practical100 regression set.

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