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  2007-11-10 Introduce caveat about using the same checks for both null and odmjni100 in the 0.59 release.  Tie to the business about making the least change that can work until we can come through again and look closer for 0.60.
  2007-10-03 Review the daily tracking reports for more notes relevant to the Developer diary.  I will need to use follow-up check-offs for reviewed items, delete unnecessary history (keeping key pieces, etc.).
  2007-09-29 d070701e: Now may be a good time to point out that any 64-bit development of OdmNative100 and ODMA Connection Managers can be expected to be quite different and the ODMA Win32 API is unlikely to survive.  There needs to be an ODMA.info FAQ on the 64-bit prospects. [dh:2007-10-10 I wonder about which way there is interoperability too, including from 32 to 64 and 64 back to 32.  There will also be WoW for a while, and that will matter.  I don't know what those arrangements will be and how they will work out.  Ditto across virtual machines on the same computer.][dh:2007-10-31 There is now a folio for this along with some other stages in the progression.][dh:2007-11-12 I have posted "How About That ODMA64?" and created a folio for it.  The concerns here need to be reflected in the new folio.]
in progress
2007-09-23 d070701d: Review my notebook as I go back for items, looking for material to include in the Developer Notes here and in the other parts.  [dh:2007-10-03 At #59.25 now.]
  2007-07-27 d070701: Link to the Programmer Reference when available
  2007-07-27 d070701: Link to the Guide when updated
  2007-07-27 d070701: Link to the project page when removed from embargo.
done 0.14
2007-11-10 d070701d: Add desire for separate OdmDocumentProperties to be kept on a separate interface that may also be used in administrative operations that do not require an open document.
done 0.06
2007-10-31 d070701: Reflect the creation of a Confirmation Testing folio as part of this activity
done 0.09 2007-10-31 d070701d: Reflect the final status of pass -1 and insights about the changes
done 0.01 2007-10-25 d070701e: Add apprehensions around regression checks and completion of regression at the 0.60 drop.  There does need to be a related folio just on testing.
done 0.07 2007-10-23 d070701d: add the table for tracking spirals and track through the completion of the Format exception elimination.
done 0.06 2007-10-13 d070701d: Reflect the way that I seed the 0.59 regression sets with provisional clones of the pre-0.59 sets.
done 0.00
2007-09-29 d070701e: Ways to allow most customization to be accomplished by inheritance on practical100 and odmjni100 classes may require some adjustment in the inheritance of the native implementations in odmjni100.
done 0.00
2007-09-29 d070701e: Include ruminations on how to rely on 0.60 and also what are the safest ways to make variants that can still take advantage of the improvements that occur in the progression to 1.0.
done 0.05 2007-10-10 d070701: Include d070701e, update VSS to share everything, and update the catalog to reflect the new version
done 0.00
2007-09-29 d070701e: Include developer notes on the choice of name and on the intention with regard to future releases through 1.00. 
done 0.00
2007-09-29 d070701e: Create as initial placeholder for 0.60 and also describe what it will be and why it is called the 0.60 Stable Candidate.
done 2007-10-10 Reflect more of my angst on the regressions and how I need to play at getting the structures more or less right but then it will matter more for the 0.59/0.60.  Now, some of the pre-0.59 regressions might continue as 0.59/0.60 regressions, but that is handled better when we know for sure.
done 2007-10-09 d070701d: Reflect change to OdmPackage100 as needed. -- No changes were needed.
done 2007-10-07 d070701d: Correct some font usage and a typo in one of the developer notes.
done 2007-10-07 d070701d: Add note about the motivation to go from OdmFormat static methods to the OdmFormatCheck interface.
done 0.04 2007-10-04 Note the initiation of odmjni100 0.59 development too.
done 0.04 2007-10-04 d070701d: Reflect the noticing and election of a zigzag approach for changing the two packaging and evolving the confirmation tests.
done 0.04 2007-10-04 Add note about the end-game and having the regression sets ship as part of the package set for confirmation and test use there by people who never put their hands on the source code.  This needs to be reflected in d061001 and d061101 too.  We won't do this with OdmNative100 because that is technically a deliverable from a parallel project effort (which will eventually have its own packaging and deployment, with similar unit and package regression checks).
done 0.03
2007-09-16 d070701d: Add discussion about testing, lying awake, thinking about how to work regression-set transition, etc.  [See #59.25]
done 0.03
2007-10-02 d070701d: Add commentary on the changes made concerning notChangeable() and transferToNewDocument.
done 0.03
2007-10-02 d070701d: Make changes from proof-reading of the printed version on the bus and the evening of 2007-10-01.
done 2007-10-02 d070701: fix the "see also:" to have agreement in number in the last sentence make it "in later stages"
2007-09-29 d070701d: Show 3.2 as started.
done 2007-09-29 d070701: Commit this folio and interim backups of all other in-progress materials for backup and for testing of the pages.
done 0.04 2007-09-29 d070701: Make 0.04 when the 0.59beta setup is complete, reflecting it in the catalog.
done 0.03 2007-09-29 d070701c: Make 0.03 to reflect adjustments for the current 0.59beta approach
done 0.02
2007-09-16 d070701d: Expand on information for the 0.59 beta candidate.

The Content Material here was successfully repaved as part of the
2007-07-24 stage of the Site Repaving Project.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach to correction and upgrade. 
Contact the  ODMA Technical Coordinator with questions and to report any subsequent defects that you notice.

done 2007-09-29 d070701: Retrofit the anchor-block changes here, so that new pages don't require them: d070701, d070701a, d070701c, d070701d
done 2007-09-29 d070701d: Change to Public Transition Candidate and explain the nomenclature
done 2007-09-29 d070701: Change the link to d070701d to reflect the transition candidate designation
2007-08-23 d070701d: Link to the d061001h page for where the details are hammered out, when that page is there.
2007-09-23 d070701d: I need a folio that tracks development within OdmDeploy and accounts for packaging and its management and further development.  This doesn't go in the deployment folio which is really just about how these are pulled into the top-level full-source distributions.
2007-09-23 d070701d: Add 0.59-stage pages to the practical100 (d061001), odmjni100 (d061101) for the activities here. 
done 2007-09-23 d070701d: Permalink the summary and explain the testing and other confirmation aspects for 0.59beta.
2007-07-27 Create "What is ODMJNI" as an engineered document under the ODMA FAQ.  It will be carried in the ActiveODMA section and it will be absolute-linked from this material as "See also:"  Link to it when available.  It can also be linked from the ODMA Products page.
done 2007-09-16 d070701: Second paragraph - Make it clear about 0.60 being ready for trial use in production.
done 2007-09-16 d070701: Link up to the What Is ODMJNI page of the ODMA ActiveODMA section.
done 2007-08-23 d000001: Update the catalog to reflect the newest version of this material
done 2007-08-23 d070701: Include d070701d in the available materials
done 2007-08-23 d070701c: Link to d070701d as future version (leave as the currently-available material though)
done 2007-08-23 d070701d: Almost forgot: Explain removal of unchecked exceptions for format violations.
2007-08-22 d070701d: Include the rationale for the new approach to OdmFormatCheck interface and replacement of the OdmFormat object.
2007-08-22 d070701d: Include the rationale for the new structure of the interfaces leading up to OdmWorkingDocument.
2007-08-22 d070701d: Mark 0.59beta as the candidate.  It is to be the 0.60 public beta "candidate" and provide all of the interface changes, preserving deprecated elements where necessary, prior to the full-up 0.60 with any fixes, removal of depracated elements, and addition of necessary documentation and guidance for a beta.
done 2007-08-23 d070701d: Adopt the d061001g style for version progression.  This should be part of the model everywhere now.
done 2007-08-22 Review this folio and conform to the repaving project: d070701, d070701a, d070701b, d070701c
done 2007-08-22 When this folio conforms, check off the index.htm also.
done 2007-08-22 When the repaving is complete, reflect in the catalog
done 2007-08-01 Review for appropriate use of "Java-ODMA Integration Kit" d070701, d070701c
done 0.01 2007-07-27 d070701: Reflect version 0.01 in the devNote catalog
done 0.01 2007-07-27 d070701: Add content for preview visitors.
done 2007-07-25 d070701c: Find a way to draw a border around the version-progression information
done 2007-07-25 d070701b: Verify correct inclusion of d070701c.
done 2007-07-25 d070701c: Describe the 0.58beta preview materials
done 2007-07-15 Share the new 2007/07 folder with the hosted-site image
done 2007-07-15 Make bare placeholders of a minimum folio before populating further: d070701, d070701a, d070701b, d070701c.
done 2007-07-15 Create this folio placeholder as a place for the preview work items.
Revision History:
0.02 2007-10-03-15:30 Tracking 0.59beta
The 0.59 beta development is underway and the different components are being worked on for later integration and availability here.
0.01 2007-08-22-20:24 Conform to Repaving Project
Repaving of this page and the folio are undertaken, along with preparation for 0.59beta.
0.00 2007-07-15-19:44 Create Initial Placeholder
This diary and job jar is created to provide immediate capture of job-jar items for this folio.

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