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 ODMJNI 1.0 Deployment
1.00 Certification Release


0.00 2008-04-23 21:12 -0700

  • Latest version: The latest ODMJNI 1.0 Deployment material can be found via   <http://ODMA.info/dev/devNotes/2006/12/d061201b.htm>.
  • Previous version:  ODMJNI 1.0 0.90beta Hardening Release <http://ODMA.info/dev/devNotes/2006/12/d061201l.htm>.
  • This page:  ODMJNI 1.0 1.00 Certification Release 0.00 <http://ODMA.info/dev/devNotes/2006/12/d061201m.htm>.   1.00 repairs any post-hardening defects and provides a certified build of the entire ODMJNI 1.0, with signed code and attestations with regard to tests and other important qualifications.
  • Downloads:
    • d061201m-license.txt: 0.00 version of the ODMA License 1.0 applied to the 1.00 release (tbd)
    • d061201m-ReleaseNotes.txt: 0.00 for the 1.00 release, --- byte file dated -----. (tbd)
    • d061201m.txt: 0.00 manifest for the version ---- archive package version (tbd)
    • d061201m-ODMJNI1.0-1.00.zip: 0.00 archive of the 1.00 release, ----- byte file dated -----.    This is a complete roll-up and preservation copy of the essential files for using and confirming the 0.70beta release (tbd).    

{Author Note: More editing and Further Explanations Required}

1. Purpose and Scope

This is the version that is declared suitable for production use.  The DLLs and JAR files are signed, attestations concerning the tests and source codes are collected, and we are under serious change control.  The bug reporting and feature request system is fully operational, there is a trustworthy support spiral that provides for easy tracking and announcements of importance to adopters and their users.

2. Description

3. Bugs and Caveats

4. Changes

5. Development

6. Developer Notes

Hamilton, Dennis E.
ODMJNI 1.0 1.00 Certification Release.  AIIM ODMA Interoperability Exchange, ODMdev Development Note page d061201m 0.00, March 31, 2008.  Current version with downloadable software available at <http://ODMA.info/dev/devNotes/2006/12/d061201m.htm>.
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0.00 2008-03-31-12:40 Establish Placeholder for 1.00
Create page for preserving the 1.00 release materials and capturing notes prior to the initiation of this development stage.

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