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devNote d061201
 ODMJNI 1.0 Deployment
0.25alpha API Regression Check


0.02 2008-04-23 21:12 -0700

  • Latest version: The latest ODMJNI 1.0 Deployment material can be found via   <http://ODMA.info/dev/devNotes/2006/12/d061201b.htm>.
  • Next version:   ODMJNI 1.0 0.30alpha Document-Access Features  <http://ODMA.info/dev/devNotes/2006/12/d061201e.htm>
  • Previous version:  ODMJNI 1.0 0.20alpha End-to-End Confirmation  <http://ODMA.info/dev/devNotes/2006/12/d061201c.htm>.   That version was obsoleted by breaking changes introduced in this and subsequent versions.
  • This page:   0.01 ODMJNI 1.0 0.25alpha API Regression  <http://ODMA.info/dev/devNotes/2006/12/d061201d.htm>.   This material was obsoleted by achievement of 0.30alpha.  Later releases have introduced further breaking changes.  This material is only preserved for historical purposes.
  • Downloads:
    • d061201d-ODMA1.0-0.25alpha.zip: 0.00 archive of the 0.25alpha regression check.  255,184 byte file dated 2006-12-20-13:06.  This is a preservation copy of the regression test that was conducted to ensure that the 0.30alpha practical100 API worked correctly with the existing odmjni100.dll and a revised set of odmjni100 classes.  The test\Check03 folder contains the regression check program after modification to use the 0.30alpha API.

0.25alpha API Regression Check (2006-12-20).  This is a version of 0.20alpha that substitutes the 0.30alpha API and demonstrates that the breaking changes have been accommodated by rebuilding odmjni100 classes and leaving odmjni100.dll unchanged.  The Check03 test program does not exercise any additional functionality in this release: It is designed to show that nothing that worked before has been broken.

The 0.25alpha Regression check uses version 0.00 form of the 0.30alpha practical100 code.

Hamilton, Dennis E.
ODMJNI 1.0 Deployment 0.25alpha API Regression Check.  AIIM ODMA Interoperability Exchange, ODMdev Development Note page d061201d 0.01, February 8, 2007.  Current version with downloadable software available at <http://ODMA.info/dev/devNotes/2006/12/d061201d.htm>.
Revision History:
0.02 2007-02-21-17:34 Tie to the 0.30alpha practical100 code
The subsequent adjustments to that code have no impact on this regression.
0.01 2007-02-08-21:50 Mark Obsolete and Connect Version Progression
The version progression is updated and the obsolescence of this material is asserted.
0.00 2006-12-20-13:19 Retain 0.25alpha API Regression
The ODMJNI practical100 interfaces and components (the API to Java) has been upgraded for 0.30alpha and beyond.  This release provides the changes to odmjni100 classes to confirm that end-to-end operation has been preserved with the modifications for the 0.30alpha API.  There is no change in end-to-end functionality, and the OdmNative code is not touched at all.

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