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 ODMJNI 1.0 Deployment
0.20alpha End-to-End Confirmation


0.05 2008-04-23 21:12 -0700

  • Latest version: The latest ODMJNI 1.0 Deployment material can be found via   <http://ODMA.info/dev/devNotes/2006/12/d061201b.htm>.
  • Next version: ODMJNI 1.0 0.25alpha API Regression Check <http://ODMA.info/dev/devNotes/2006/12/d061201d.htm>.
  • This page:   0.05 ODMJNI 1.0 0.20alpha End-to-End Confirmation  <http://ODMA.info/dev/devNotes/2006/12/d061201c.htm>.   This material was obsoleted by the progression to 0.30alpha.  Later releases have introduced breaking changes to the API.  This 0.20alpha release is not supported.  This material is preserved for historical purposes.
  • Downloads:
    • d061201c.txt: 0.02 Manifest for the code archive, 16,040 byte file dated 2006-12-07-18:43
    • d061201c-license.txt: 0.00 Open Document Management API License 1.0, 3,133 byte file dated 2006-12-07-17:42.  This license statement applies to the source code and binary material of this distribution.   Review this license to be satisfied that its terms are consistent with your intended use before downloading, reviewing, and applying the archive.
    • d061201c-ReleaseNotes.txt: 0.03 Extended description of the use of and limitations of the 0.20alpha distribution, 19.498 byte file dated 2006-12-07-17:14.
    • d061201c-ODMA1.0-0.20alpha.zip: 0.02 archive of the 0.20alpha distribution, 339,567 byte file dated 2006-12-07-18:43.  Review the manifest and Release Notes to determine what to expect for content and use of the Zip archive.

0.20alpha End-to-End Confirmation (2006-12-07).  This rudimentary implementation, deployed in a Zip archive, is used for confirmation of the development configuration. 

This is the first distribution to provide an operational end-to-end path. 

Previous code drops where for the front-end functions only.  These dealt exclusively with the info.odma.practical100 Java package and the null classes that provide default behaviors of the ODMJNI interface implementations.

{Author Note: this is a placeholder for the end-to-end confirmation package.  Further documentation and packaging will follow the achievement of ODMJNI 1.0 0.50beta deployment. }


Hamilton, Dennis E.
ODMJNI 1.0 Deployment 0.20alpha End-to-End Confirmation.  AIIM ODMA Interoperability Exchange, ODMdev Development Note page d061201c 0.05, February 8, 2007.  Current version with downloadable software available at <http://ODMA.info/dev/devNotes/2006/12/d061201c.htm>.
Revision History:
0.05 2007-02-08-19:11 Mark as obsolete and unsupported
This material is retained for historical purposes.  It is also a place where the development of ideas and approaches can be tied in.
0.04 2006-12-20-13:56 Link to 0.25alpha replacement
0.30alpha makes breaking changes in the practical100 API interfaces and classes.  The 0.25alpha preservation material uses the 0.30alpha API and confirms adaptation of odmjni100 to implement that API without any change in odmjni100.dll or any other behavior.
0.03 2006-12-07-18:53 Add the License and the updated Release Notes
The Release Notes replace the previous caveats.txt document.  There is more information on prerequisites and also on making use of the 0.20alpha distribution.
0.02 2006-12-06-17:33 Update to 0.01 Archive and Manifest
The caveats.text file is added to the archive and to the linked material.
0.01 2006-12-05-22:59 Include links to the download material.
0.00 2006-12-05-19:04 Provide Placeholder for Initial Download Page
Create placeholder for linking in the download archive for the 0.20alpha End-to-End Confirmation deployment

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