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in progress 2007-08-24
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ODMdev Is Being Repaved.

Migration to a new server introduced a number of problems that require repairs.  In addition to those defects, some older pages also need to be modified and reorganized for consistency across all of ODMdev.  While the site is being repaved to accomplish both kinds of improvements, you may notice discrepancies and problems with links to site content.

Check the Site Repaving Project pages for additional details on the known defects and the approach to correction and upgrade.  Contact the ODMA Technical Coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


in progress 2007-08-24 Review for content and construction-structure repaving: d061201, d061201a, d061201a1, d061201b, d061201c, d061201c.txt, d061201c-license.txt, d061201c-ODMJNI1.0-0.20alpha.zip, d061201c-ReleaseNotes.txt, d061201d, d061201d-0.25alpha.zip, d061201e, d061201e-license.txt, d061201e-ODMJNI1.0-0.30alpha.zip, d061201e-ReleaseNotes.txt, d061201f, d061201f-)DMJNI1.0-0.40alpha.zip, d061201f-ReleaseNotes.txt, d061201g.htm, d061201g-ODMJNI1.0-0.50beta, d061201g-ReleaseNotes.txt, d061201h, d061201h-0.52beta.txt, d061201h-0.52beta-DropNotes.txt, d061201h-0.52beta.txt, d061201h-0.54beta.txt, d061201h-0.54beta-DropNotes.txt, d061201h-ODMJNI1.0-0.52beta.zip, d061202h-ODMJNI1.0-0.54beta.zip, d061201i.htm
in progress 2007-10-14 Correct the fonts in the anchor blocks of all the folio pages: d061201, d061201a, d061201a1, d061201c, d061201d, d061201e, d061201f, d061201g, d061201h, d061201i, so that new ones cloned from these will be fine.
in progress 2007-07-15 Correct the fonts for fixed-pitch text (such as file names) to use face="monospace" everywhere: d061201, d0g1201a, d061201a1, d061201c, d061201d, d061201e, d061201f, d061201g, d061201h, d061201i,
  2008-03-31 d061201k: Review notebooks for additional developer notes applicable to the 0.80 refactoring effort.
  2008-03-31 d061201: Review progression and adjust descriptions to reflect how the releases look now.
  2007-10-15 d061201: Add attribution to this page
  2007-07-15 d061201: Create table of the progressive releases/drops, what their components are, and what breaking changes, if any, were introduced.  [dh:2007-07-27 Also link to the applicable documentation, if any]
  2007-02-13 d061201h: Connect 0.52beta to available materials of odmjni100 and OdmNative100 development for this drop
  2007-02-13 d061201h: Connect 0.54beta to available materials of odmjni100 development for this drop.
  2007-02-13 d061201h: Find references on Unicode too.
  2007-02-13 d061201h: Find references on code pages and what that involves, and the connection to the ISO 8859-x flavors.
  2007-02-13 d061201h: Find a reference for the ASCII / ISO 646 assumption and usage.
  2007-02-08 d061201d: Add links to the appropriate places in the individual development progressions.  Find a way to point back to the latest versions of things that work and the things that don't work from earlier materials, such as the test cases.  practical100, odmjni100, OdmNative100 [dh:2007-02-21 There is no impact on OdmNative100 for 0.25alpha, it was all practical100 and just the Java classes of odmjni100.]
  2007-02-08 d061201d: Explain this release better and tie it to the changes to reach practical100 0.30alpha.
  2007-01-14 d061201f-ReleaseNotes.txt 0.01 has two unbroken lines
  2007-01-14 d061201f: Customize license and add it to the archive and to the download list.  [dh:2007-02-22 The license is available on the site, but not included in the archive just yet.]
  2007-01-14 d061201f: Create manifest, adding it to the archive and to the download list
  2007-01-10 d061201b: Make d061201efg the latest material. [dh:2007-01-14 We won't tidy this all up until 0.50beta is out the door.][dh:2007-02-08 We'll make 0.50beta the latest and leave 0.60beta as linked but still in-progress.]
  2007-01-10 d061201e: Add the manifest to the Zip file.
  2007-01-10 d061201e: Add the ReleaseNotes to the Zip file.
  2007-01-10 d061201e: Add PreReleaseNotes 0.04 0.06 to the Zip file. [dh:2007-02-22 It is difficult using the same file from two different places.  I must learn to minimize this.]
  2006-12-10 d061201c.txt: Correct the references in the TOOLS REQUIRED section.  Complete the Manifest.
  2006-12-09 d061201c: Clean up the line breaks of the Release Notes page, add links to the related elements of the stack specific versions.
  2006-12-09 d061201d: Start a release note that accounts for the breaking changes that will occur.  This means that Null00 will be obsolete, for one thing.
  2006-12-09 d061201c: Link to the individual development tracks for the specific pieces that are in the 0.20alpha distribution. 
  2006-12-07 d061201: Prerequisites and tools are useful to identify on the cover page.
  2006-12-06 We need resources that we can refer to with regard to management of ODMA configurations.
done 0.00
2007-10-14 d061201m: Make 1.0 Certified Release placeholder page so we can make notes on this part, which basically involves signing components, test results, etc., so there is complete establishment of provenance and authenticity of the final release for 1.0.
done 0.00
2007-10-14 d061201l: Make 0.90 Hardening RC1 release placeholder page so we can make notes on what is involved for this, including the part that is rehearsal for the release.
done 0.00
2007-10-14 d061201k: Make 0.80 Refactoring Beta release placeholder page so I can start making notes on this too.
done 0.01 2008-03-31 d061201j: Customize for deployment and stitch into revision progression in both directions
done 0.02 2008-03-31 d061201i: Provide some see-also material for related information for 0.60.
done 0.02 2008-03-31 d061201i: Improve the contents and start the developer notes, emphasizing collateral materials that will be developed.
done 0.11
2007-09-23 d061201: We need to add OdmDeploy100 OdmPackage100 to the tracks, making a fourth one.   This is how we develop packaging for the jar and any other distribution that we make.
done 0.00
2007-10-14 d061201j: Make 0.70 Deployment Beta release placeholder page so I can start making notes and explain how this is different.
done 2007-08-24 The next time d061201 is updated on the hosted site, clear and replace to assume case-sensitivity agreement end-to-end.
done 2007-08-24 Report completion of 0.58 based on when the code was made available, even though there were loose ends.  [dh:2007-08-24 0.58 is reported as completed on 2007-04-10 on d061201h].
done 2007-08-24 d061201h: Add 0.59 and tie to the Public Beta folio.  It is not clear whether a separate 0.59 is needed here as a prelude to 0.60 and in place of the d061201i.htm page.  [dh:2007-08-24 0.58 is
done 2007-08-24 d061201: Add 0.59 and emphasize that it is a roll-up with separate account under the Public Beta folio.
done 2007-08-24 Compare filenames in FrontPage with those in VSS and in the hosted-site image to ensure that there are no case-sensitivity conflicts.
done 2007-08-01 Reviewed for consistency with "Java-ODMA Integration Kit."  There were no conflicts on the folio cover or for 0.5x and 0.60beta.
done 2007-07-27 d061201i: Designate as a [draft] so that preview visitors will understand this is not yet the latest
2007-07-14 d061201h: Correct fonts to use Monotype for file names such as awt.dll.
2007-07-14 d061201h: Emphasize that these are incremental updates to the 0.50 beta release.   To have a complete source-code and development setup, all of the increments must be applied.  To have the runtime less is required, starting with the 0.58beta runtime packaging.
2007-07-13 d061201h: Correct the version-progression description of 0.5x on the 0.5x page, dropping mention of what 0.60 provides.
done 2007-07-13 Update the devNote catalog to reflect the updated state of this folio
done 0.09 2007-07-13 d061201: Update 0.5x beta and 0.60 beta in the manifest of materials
done 2007-07-13 d061201: Define what constitutes deployment
done 2007-07-13 d061201: Share the new d061201i and d061201a1 pages to the hosted-site image
done 2007-07-13 d061201h: Change from 0.60beta to 0.5x Function Stabilization Updates
done 2007-07-13 d061201i: Clone from d061201h and make 0.60beta only
done 2007-07-13 d061201a: Archive the older material on a backup page and continue with the open items here [dh:2007-12-13 the 2006-12-06 to 2007-06-30 material is rolled-off to d061201a1.htm]
done 2006-12-05 Create this folio placeholder under embargo.  The evolutionary stages of deployment and packaging for distrubition will be defined and  tracked here.
Revision History:
0.10 2007-08-24-17:42 Inception of Repaving
Repaving is initiated as part of the updating to reflect 0.59beta activity
0.09 2007-07-13-21:26 Begin Progression to the ODMJNI 1.0 public beta release 0.60
0.08 2007-07-13-18:59 Put completed items in a backup archive page
The completed items from 2006-12-05 to 2007-06-30 are placed in d061201a1.htm for backup
0.00 2006-12-05-19:04 Create Initial Placeholder
This diary and job jar is created to provide immediate capture of job-jar items for this folio.

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