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ODMJNI 1.0 Deployment


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{Preliminary Material: Brief synopsis and TOC required here.}

An ODMJNI 1.0 Deployment is any packaging of code that is extracted from the development system and made available for download and use by others. 

All defects that are detected in a deployed package are recorded as bugs in delivered code and there is a public record, here, of the current availability and status of each deployed package.

1. Overview

1.1 This devNote tracks the development of the deployment procedures and packages for ODMJNI 1.0.  The deployed "releases" are combinations of material from four development tracks:

1.2 An important part of deployment is to synchronize these layers in choosing the combination to distribute and test.

1.3 Initially, deployment is by distribution of Zip archives containing material that must be extracted and manually customized.   Eventually, deployment is by Java .JAR files that can be incorporated in the Java application's own deployment.

2. Deployment Progression

Any further development and deployments will be under new post-1.0 projects.  It is already assumed that the OdmNative100 elements will be flexed into a full-up documented deliverable that will also provide a common foundation for an ODMNET 1.0 Bridge for ODMA-aware .NET application programs.

3. Available Material

References and Resources

{Material to be supplied.}

Revision History:
0.12 2008-03-31-12:42 Link All Planned Stages
The 0.80 through 1.00 stages are created and linked, using placeholders that are ready for accumulation of more material as it is recovered from notebooks and noticed while working on earlier stages.
0.11 2007-10-15-13:47 Link In 0.70 Deployment Release
The deployment-release page is created for collection of developer notes in advance of reaching that stage.  Minor text improvements are made.
0.10 2007-08-24-17:38 Repaving Complete
Adjustments are made for consistency with the 0.59beta effort.  This page is reviewed and correct in satisfaction of Repaving Project requirements.
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0.60beta is separated as a clean release with the 0.5x beta updates confined to a separate page.
0.08 2007-03-18-18:28 Adjust for 0.60beta Redefinition
The progression and some nomenclature around the 0.60beta progression have been changed.  The mentions here are updated to correspond to the changes at d061201h 0.07.
0.07 2007-02-08-15:03 Bring current with 0.60beta activity
The 0.50 beta stage is complete.  The narratives and timelines are filled in.   The in-progress 0.60beta is connected and the tentative progression to 1.00 is summarized.
0.06 2007-01-14-17:18 Tie in 0.50beta Initiation
The 0.40alpha stage is complete and also requires narrative here.
0.05 2007-01-11-20:32 Reflect 0.30alpha Preservation and 0.40alpha Initiation
The pages are linked from the Available Materials.  Further narrative is required.
0.04 2006-12-20-14:18 Reflect 0.25alpha Preservation
The interim API Regression Check is preserved before going on to enable the functionality to be activated in the 0.30alpha distribution.
0.03 2006-12-07-21:14 Reflect 0.20alpha Distribution
The 0.20alpha stage of the progression is summarized, with connection to the download page.
0.00 2006-12-05-19:04 create placeholder to morph into the necessary material
Incorporate job jar and use it to drive the completion of essential items here, providing an initial skeleton for more content.  The first step is to provide alpha-level distributions for initial integration trials and testing with production DMS integrations.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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