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ODMJNI 1.0 OdmNative100 ODMA-Access Implementation


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{Preliminary Material.}

1. Overview

OdmNative100 is a Microsoft native Windows C++ class.  This class, its IodmNative100 interface, and related helper classes and interfaces are used in the odmjni100.dll to manage the lifetime of an ODMA connection and all subordinate document-access objects that will arise from it.

Although OdmNative100 is useful in other implementations of access to ODMA on the Windows desktop platform, initial development is skewed to the specific needs of ODMJNI and the info.odma.odmjni100 package.  Generalization for reuse in other ODMA integration situations will be considered later.

Initial development of OdmNative100 satisfies Critical First Steps 3.2, Confirm ODMA Connection from C++ Class, in the ODMJNI 1.0 Development Progression.

OdmNative100 delivers a Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) binary interface.  This allows the connection from Java-implemented ODMJNI classes to be managed with a single interface pointer disguised as a Java long data value. Using the reference-counting and interface versioning procedures of COM provides an easy way to correctly synchronize OdmNative100 instance lifecycles with the lifecycle of the Java classes that use OdmNative100 in the JNI implementations of their native methods.

Although IodmNative100 is a COM binary interface, it is only used internal to odmjni100.dll and the Java classes that rely on those DLLs.  There is no independent COM object provided by or visible outside of ODMJNI.  This is an important feature of the way that ODMA connection provide in-process, in-thread binding between Windows desktop applications and ODMA-compliant Document Management System integrations.  In the case of ODMJNI, the Windows desktop application is Java-based.

2. Progression

ODMJNI 1.0 is developed via evolutionary prototyping of components along three tracks:

Following initial setup, OdmNative100 is evolved in synchronization with stages of the practical100 interfaces and the odmjni100 classes that bridge between the practical100 interfaces and the OdmNative100 implementation.

In the evolution on each track, there are both free-standing and integrated confirmation tests.  The results of the free-standing tests are designed to establish that there is a worked solution that the integrated case should be verifiable against.

2.1 Setup Stages

These are the preparatory stages for ensuring a reproducible development setup for OdmNative100 work.

2.2 Feature Progression

The basic structure is confirmed.  The next stages are for progressive addition of features until the essential functionality for ODMJNI 1.0 is covered.


Available Material

see also:
     p061001d: Development Progression: 0.20 Critical First Steps.  ODMJNI 1.0 Java-ODMA Reference Integration project document, 2006-10-26.


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Construction Zone (Hard Hat Area)

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