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 info.odma.practical100 Component Development
0.01alpha Evolutionary Prototype


0.05 2008-04-23 21:11 -0700

1. Summary

Practical100-0.01alpha is the starter package used to confirm simple compilation procedures, organization of the class path, and trial building of two info.odma.practical100 package interfaces.

This package is also the seed for evolutionary prototype development where working code is refined by progressive steps until acceptable functionality and stability are achieved.

There is no operational code in this version.  Its purpose is to confirm the basic alpha-level build process and correct installation of the development software:

2. Developer Notes: Changes

The following changes were made from Review Draft 0.20 Guide & Usage Scenarios as the files were created for the first time::

Hamilton, Dennis E.
info.odma.practical100 Component Development -- 0.01alpha Evolutionary Prototype.   AIIM ODMA Interoperability Exchange, ODMdev Development Note d061001 page d061001c 0.05, August 16.  Available at <http://ODMA.info/dev/devNotes/2006/10/d061001c.htm>.
Revision History:
0.05 2007-08-16-15:57 Repaving Complete
This page is repaved to satisfy the construction structure in a clean way as part of preview ramp-up to the 0.60 public beta.
0.04 2006-10-25-20:49 Clean up text.
Correct some typographical errors  in the text are corrected, with some wording repairs.  Remove the Harvard-style coding from the attribution.
0.03 2006-10-24-01:34 Identify as obsolete.
The next improvement is linked and this material is identified as obsolete.
0.02 2006-10-20-13:34 Add Summary and Developer Notes
Capture information about the purpose of this material, and note the thinking that went into the form arrived at.
0.01 2006-10-20-13:21 Branch for 0.05alpha Refactor and Initial Null Implementation
Capture changes made as 0.05alpha is developed and tested in a new page.
0.00 2006-10-19-20:40 Provide Placeholder for Already-Created 0.01alpha Package
This page is put up as a placeholder so that the 0.01alpha package has a home the first step in evolutionary prototyping.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)
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