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In July 2007, the ODMdev site was moved to a different web server.  The new server has case-sensitive URLs and the original server did not.  Many pages became inaccessible using links and shortcuts that worked previously. 

The repaving approach is to make sure that new material is properly linked with case sensitive URLs.  Older materials and links are cleaned up retroactively, on an opportunistic basis.  At the same time, restructuring for improved maintenance is done.

One impediment to the systematic repaving has been the higher-priority need to bring the ODMJNI development effort along and improve its materials.  This led to a combined effort with primary focus being on the ODMJNI effort.   As ODMJNI moves into public beta, completion of overall repaving will follow.    --dh: 2008-04-24

2008-04-25 Tidying Up
Although not momentous, I am tidying up these nicer-appearance layout pages to have a balanced color scheme.  This is done, for now, by setting attributes on the <body> tag of the page.  This needs to be done a better way using styles, and that will be part of the site improvement needed along with attention to accessibility.  For now, I am experimenting with temporary measures until the major repaving is under control.
   The other part of tidying up is to make similar adjustments to the long-untended front porch of the ODMA Interoperability Exchange site.  This is all on behalf of the immediate effort here (ODMJNI, etc.) and the longer-range consideration of ODMA64 (3.0) there.
   Finally, I need to consolidate some retroactive entries here so that others can review and come up to speed on what has happened already.  I need a place like this for myself as well.  --dh
2008-04-24 Set Up Diary
As part of the ramp-up to the ODMJNI Public Beta, the site repaving is being advanced by the addition of this diary and some other structures for improving the descriptive information on ODMdev.  This material is derived from the nfoWorks site bootstrap experience.  Many improvements there will be retrofitted to ODMdev and the ODMA Interoperability Exchange site. 

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)
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