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1. Impact of Transition to Add-On Domain
2. Work Items and Repaving
3. Reporting Defects
4. Making Insertions
5. Related Material

1. Impact of Transition to Add-On Domain

When ODMdev material was moved along with the ODMA Interoperability Exchange web site to an Apache-based hosting service, there were two important changes:

  1. New Hosted Domains.  The ODMdev material is now in a set of subfolders of the ODMA.info domain for the ODMA Interoperability Exchange.  Older URLs (e.g., http://infonuovo.com/odma) will be redirected to the new ones.  
    Required Action: Shortcuts to ODMdev locations should be modified to use the official ODMA URLs of form http://odma.info/dev/... .
    Deprecated URLs: Older domains will not work indefinitely:  InfoNuovo.com will be retired in February, 2008.

  2. New Site URLs Are Case Sensitive.  This results in  broken links to some pages and images.   because they differ in case from the actual URL of some pages.  Also, the published URLs are sometimes the wrong case even when the link might be correct.
    Workaround: If a link results in a "no such page" or "page not found" report, it is sometimes possible to change the capitalization of the file name and succeed.
    Remedy: The site pages will be reviewed in stages and inconsistent uses of case in case-sensitive URLs will be corrected.  This is a tedious process and not all defects can be found automatically.
    Reporting Problems: If you are unable to obtain linked material that is important to you, send a message directly to the ODMA Technical Coordinator, including the URL that fails.

2. Work Items and Repaving

In addition to the repairs required as the result of web hosting changes, there are incomplete and inconsistent materials left over from the January 2006 creation of ODMdev.  As the site is reviewed for repair of case-sensitivity problems, there will also be review for inconsistencies.  Work items for all of the repairs will be added to an appropriate job jar.

The latest status page will always identify where the work is currently focused and where related work items are being captured.  Sections of ODMdev will be worked through progressively until all ODMdev content is at the same level and all case-sensitive URLs are accurate.

3. Reporting Defects 

Any kind of defect encountered in use of the ODMdev content can be reported to the ODMA Technical Coordinator.

During and after the main repaving operations, the list of areas being addressed can be found in the Repaving Diary & Job Jar page.  Construction Zone sections of individual folders will also have Diary & Job Jar pages of known items to be worked on.  These pages can be consulted to determine whether or not a needed change has already been identified and included a list of work items.

4. Making Insertions

Using Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003, the current announcement may be inserted into any number of site pages.  Insertion is by using the FrontPage extensions "Include Page" web component.  The FrontPage operation uses the current Include Page.  That Include Page provides a single-cell table element that accomplishes three purposes:

  1. The announcement provides a link to a document-engineering page (such as this one) where more detail of the repaving-project status may be found. 

  2. The FrontPage 2003 Hyperlinks View provides a way to know where the announcement is currently placed as it is appropriate to remove it from some pages and add it to others.

  3. Maintenance of the insertion is performed in a single place and automatically reflected in all of the places the announcement has been inserted.

The link in the caption beneath the cell provides access to the corresponding document-engineering page and its explanation.

For further information on how this approach to Include Content is performed, see the article page c000006c: ClustrMap Insertion FrontPage Document Engineering.

5. Related Material


Hamilton, Dennis E.
ODMdev Site Repaving Project.   AIIM ODMA Interoperability Exchange, ODMdev Construction Note  c070701 0.01, July 24, 2007.  Available at <http://ODMA.info/dev/construction/2007/07/c070701.htm>.
Revision History:
0.01 2007-07-24-11:24 Make 2007-04-24 Announcement
The material is customized enough to apply to ODMdev.  The announcement is placed on selected ODMdev pages as a caution to those visitors who are looking for ODMdev content, such as the ODMJNI Public Beta materials.
0.00 2007-07-23-13:23 Create Initial Folio Cover-Page Skeleton
The folio at ODMA c061001 is branched and customized for ODMdev.

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